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[News] Interview with the Man Behind Africa's New GNU/Linux Distro

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Five Questions With A.J. Venter - Creator Of Kongoni Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Kongoni is a completely new distribution to Linux, who is behind this and 
| please give some background on what got you to this place. 
| Well, the primary blame is mine. I was the lead developer of the OpenLab 
| distribution for many years, in it's day it was the longest running African 
| distro ever, and it had some major successes. Unfortunately, being commercial 
| put pressures on it that ultimately weighed on me, I was on the verge of 
| burnout suffering early ulcer symptoms and so eventually I quit - leaving
distro development behind entirely for almost two years and moving to Cape



The first Kongoni Screenshots ever

,----[ Quote ]
| Kongoni’s second baseline release will be the first public release of the
| distribution. At this point in time it is extremely close to being released
| and you can expect it to be officially announced sometime in the next 48
| hours (don’t hold me to this as a promise though - we are community project
| and we do not set or do deadlines).


Kongoni: A new Linux distro from Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| We’ve had Ubuntu and Impi, now there is a new African-named Linux
| distribution. South African developers today announced the first cut of a new
| Linux distro which they are calling Kongoni. Named after the Shona word for
| the GNU, Kongoni has a strong BSD-Unix influence and includes a ports-like
| package management system. The underlying code is, however, based on
| Slackware and the makers are promising to keep the distribution free of
| proprietary software.

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