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[News] Microsoft Forced to Accept GNU/Linux -- Force to be Reckoned with

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Microsoft's forthcoming cloud must support Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The fact that 35 percent of respondents at a Linux-oriented conference, 
| reported growth of their Windows OS install base is telling. As enterprises 
| get more comfortable with Clouds, offering an environment to deploy Windows 
| and Linux workloads is a no-brainer. I'm certain that Microsoft realizes this 
| and will announce Linux OS support when the Microsoft Cloud goes live ;-)     


Close Encounters of the Redmond Kind

,----[ Quote ]
| Even more definitively: "No!" wrote erroneus on Slashdot. "Rebooting is a 
| chore. Once people start up, they don't want to shut down to start up another 
| application. It's not what they are used to."  
| Then again, "if this were done as a VM where the Linux machine were to boot 
| and they installed Windows XP in a VirtualBox or some other VM, then that 
| might be acceptable," erroneus added. "Then they would have their safer, 
| virus-free environment for email and web browsing and then a VM to host the 
| applications they need to run. This stuff works really well."     



Microsoft CEO Scoffs at Mac Share Gains

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve has a surprising view of the computing universe to put Linux before
| Apple. Most certainly, Linux's larger server share puts it overall ahead of
| Mac OS. But Steve wasn't talking about server here, but Windows client. So
| why rank Apple behind Linux?

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