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Re: [News] $100 Wall-Wart Runs GNU/Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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Marvell's Plug Computer: A tiny, discrete, fully functional 5 watt Linux server
,----[ Quote ]
| Marvell announced today a new type of computer. It's about the size of an AC | to DC converting wall outlet plug, but is really a full SoC with a 1200 MHz | CPU, built-in 512 MB Flash, 512 MB DRAM, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 | support. It runs small versions of Linux, consumes about 5 watts max while | allowing remote users (presumably those authorized by the owner) to access | data stored on the device from remote locations including local intranets or | over the Internet. The $49 device opens up a wide array of extremely | low-power, low-volume, always on applications. `----


$100 Linux wall-wart launches


$100 Linux Wall-Wart Now Available

Cool. Now if it included a powerline adapter (or wifi); no need for a separate network port. Then it would be a truly plug-in-anywhere-and-go thing.

Right now I can see it as my home home sound system server-driver; right from the wall plug into my stereo's USB port.

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