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Re: Microsoft: We're Fried, Let's Become the Next SCO

After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> Microsoft is promoting litigious people and changing its agenda, just like SCO.
> Microsoft knows what's coming.
> Windows margins are falling close to $0 (on sub-notebooks first).
> Vista and Vista 7 are a mess that's not even backward compatible.
> Office has just been delayed (again) and in a down economy people won't pay for
> it anyway.
> All the rest of Microsoft's products are usually disasters that would be better
> called off.
> Mark this date in the calendars. Microsoft used to brag about never using
> software patents offensively... until now.
> And lots of Europeans will be pissed off... enough to give Microsoft the 'SCO
> treatment'.
> It took SCO 4 years until Chapter 11. Can Microsoft survive longer? Not if it's
> already in debt.
> Linux is winning!

Roy, I agree that Microsoft has made some amazingly serious missteps, far
worse than the stuff we used to laugh about here a few years ago.

But they'll be around forever, even if they have to retool like IBM did.

It's not a matter of Linux winning.  It's a win for the users.  They will
have three major styles of computing to choose from, and they will
nonetheless be able to interoperate.  (Although the Windows users, and maybe
the Mac user -- but, GNU forbid, not the UNIXen users -- may face artificial
roadblocks put in place by "marketing".  But, come to think of it, with the
Internet coming under the thrall of big business, perhaps all will suffer.)

audiophile, n:
	Someone who listens to the equipment instead of the music.

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