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[News] Why Free Software Too is Compelling Even for Oracle to Ignore

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Is M&A stifling Oracle's creativity?

,----[ Quote ]
| Even so, a big question is looming as to whether Oracle, which spends just 10 
| to 15 percent of its budget on research and development, can keep up with  
| competitors and, in particular, open source. 
| "Open source?!" you say, "that's just a big commodifier of others' 
| innovations." Not so. In fact, if you look at the budgets of most emerging 
| open-source companies, we spend significantly more on development than Oracle 
| and, importantly, more of that R&D budget goes toward real innovation, not 
| reinventing the wheel. Indeed, that's the whole premise behind open-source 
| development: efficient reuse of code.     
| That's not the whole story, however. As Mirchandani points out in a follow-on 
| post, Oracle customers are troubled by its support morass. Such customers are 
| likely to be enticed by open-source offerings, which make support, not 
| license fees, the centerpiece of their offerings.   


Open Enterprise Interview: Bertrand Diard, Talend CEO

,----[ Quote ]
| If open source did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it, if only to 
| deal with the ragbag collection of data formats out there. 
| For open source has a unique flexibility and extensibility not generally 
| available to proprietary programs, which allows it to cope with most 
| applications and situations. This makes it ideal as a kind of software “glue” 
| for stitching together pre-existing computer systems, which were created in 
| an ad-hoc way with little thought of any eventual need to make them talk 
| efficiently to each other.     
| This powerful feature of open source was pretty much the driving force behind 
| the creation of the data integration company Talend. Here its cofounder and 
| CEO, Bertrand Diard, talks eloquently about the genesis of his company, open 
| source's unique advantages in this sphere, the state of free software in his 
| native France, and just why Talend decided to snuggle up to Microsoft last 
| year.      



Huge Oracle Layoff Won't Be the Last

,----[ Quote ]
| Oracle employs 84,000 people globally. An 8,000-employee layoff would amount
| to about 10% of its workforce.

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