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[News] Mozilla Interview, Development News, and Marketing

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Mozilla interview: Opening up mobile browsing

,----[ Quote ]
| Location, privacy and web standards: as the first alpha and beta releases of 
| Fennec, Mozilla's mobile browser, come out, Mozilla VP Jay Sullivan tells us 
| the phone isn't a separate world any more.  


about:mozilla - Change the Web, Labs meetup, Marketing mailing list, Meeting
notes, two awards, Camino, Education, and more…

,----[ Quote ]
| In this issue…
|     * Harnessing Firefox Add-ons and Web apps to make change
|     * Labs meetup, Mountain View + London
|     * Mozilla Marketing mailing list
|     * Mozilla Project status meeting notes


screencast of open web video in firefox 3.1

,----[ Quote ]
| I’ve made a screencast to describe some of the new video capabilities and how 
| they can interact with the rest of the open web technologies we’re building 
| into Firefox 3.1. Although I’ve embedded it below with a video tag (with a 
| fallback to vimeo) I strongly suggest that you view the full sized version in 
| either OGG Theora format or Quicktime H.264 for maximum clarity. It’s als up 
| on vimeo.     


Mozilla Community Marketing Guide is live

,----[ Quote ]
| After a few months working on it, Mozilla's Marketing Team has just launched 
| the Community Marketing Guide! 
| This guide is intended to help everyone interested in Mozilla marketing by 
| pointing them to the marketing resources they need, or helping them to be 
| inspired with fresh ideas on marketing Mozilla software. A community is very 
| important for developing and maintaining a healthy project, so in the 
| marketing guide you will find resources to help evangelise and promote 
| Mozilla.      



Mozilla: Sometimes govt. is answer to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite this success, Baker believes that government, and in the European
| Commission in particular, has a role to play in further leveling the playing
| field. As she notes in a recent blog post, government entities would perhaps
| have less relevance but for the antitrust activity that resulted in
| Microsoft's dominant market share in the first place:
|     Microsoft did not obtain its (Internet Explorer) hegemony solely through
|     competition on the merits of IE. A number of illegal activities were also
|     involved in creating IE's market dominance...The idea that Microsoft is
|     an innocent victim (of European Commission intervention) is deeply
|     flawed.

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