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[News] Linux Becomes Very Powerful Deep at the File Level

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Getting Acquainted With the ext4 File System

,----[ Quote ]
| The majority of computer users don't spend much time thinking about the file 
| system their operating system uses. Granted, people installing alternative 
| operating systems might give more consideration to the available file systems 
| than the general population -- unless there's a specific need for a certain 
| file system, many go with their distribution's default option.    


The Future of Linux File Systems and Volume Managers

,----[ Quote ]
| This is a topic I can be extremely passionate about. I enjoy working with 
| data storage technologies and especially enjoy topics on file systems/volume 
| managers. It is true when they say, “Once you get into data storage it is 
| difficult getting out.” That is because the industry is fascinating. Working 
| with enterprise class equipment is an experience that cannot be forgotten. We 
| are talking about rack mountable blade servers, RAID and JBOD storage arrays 
| working with SCSI-based technologies such as Fibre Channel, SAS (SATA under 
| the SAS), protocol analyzers and more. And that is only the hardware. Step 
| into the software aspect of it such as High Availability, i.e. Clustering, 
| Dynamic Multipathing, Load Balancing, things tend to get a bit more exciting.         


Vista 7 still uses NTFS. Haha!


Tux3: the other next-generation filesystem

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a great deal of activity around Linux filesystems currently. Of the
| many ongoing efforts, two receive the most attention: ext4, the extension of
| ext3 expected to keep that filesystem design going for a few more years, and
| btrfs, which is seen by many as the long-term filesystem of the future. But
| there is another project out there which is moving quickly and is worth a
| look: Daniel Phillips's Tux3 filesystem.


Tux3 Report: What next?

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that question again: what next?  Big items still outstanding to
| get to proof of concept:
|  1) Atomic commit
|  2) Versioning
|  3) Extents

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