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[News] Microsoft Office Critically Ill, Under Attack, No Fix Available

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Attackers Targeting Unpatched Vulnerability in Excel 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program has a 0-day vulnerability that 
| attackers are exploiting on the Internet, according to security vendor 
| Symantec.  
| A 0-day vulnerability is one that does not have a patch and is actively being 
| used to attack computers when it is publicly revealed. 


Critical vulnerability in Excel

,----[ Quote ]
| According to unconfirmed reports, the anti-virus manufacturer Symantec has 
| found a trojan that seems to use a security hole in Microsoft Excel to 
| remotely execute code on a user's system. The attack is triggered by opening 
| a maliciously crafted Excel file, causing an unspecified remote 
| code-execution vulnerability.    


Hackers Exploit Excel 'Zero-Day' Flaw



Buggy Microsoft Excel Patch Causes Bad Math

,----[ Quote ]
| A bug in this week's MS08-014 patch causes Excel to return zeroes instead of
| the correct number when certain types of macros are run within the program.


Trouble In Microsoft World Over Calculator

,----[ Quote ]
| The calculator post seems to be a reaction to a MS KnowledgeBase article
| titled Incorrect Calculator Results When You Use the Percent Key which
| implies the percent function screws up your results when you use it along
| with + or – in any combination. Way to go Microsoft!  


Lehman Excel snafu could cost Barclays dear

,----[ Quote ]
| A formatting fubar involving an Excel spreadsheet has left Barclays Capital
| with contracts involving collapsed investment bank Lehman Brothers than it
| never meant to acquire.


[OOXML] Mathematically Incorrect

,----[ Quote ]
| So when it comes to comparing MSOOXML and ODF v1.0 on the basis of the 
| inclusion of "Formula Definitions", it becomes clear that the anti-ODF folk 
| have not much to shout about. In fact MSOOXML's "Formula Definition" is 
| deficient and inaccurate.   


OOXML: The Formula for Failure

,----[ Quote ]
| As I've shown, in the rush to write a 6,000 page standard in less than a 
| year, Ecma dropped the ball. OOXML's spreadsheet formula is worse than 
| missing. It has incorrect formulas that, if implemented according to the 
| standard may cause loss of life, property and capital. This standard is 
| seriously messed up. And shame on all those who praised and continue to 
| praise the OOXML formula specification without actually reading it.     

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