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[News] Everyone Uses GNU/Linux One Way or Another

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"Nobody Uses Linux" is Not a Good Enough Answer

,----[ Quote ]
| I am increasingly aware of more and more "regular" people using Linux. They 
| bought a netbook, their son or daughter installed "this thing called Ubuntu" 
| on their aging hardware, or maybe they just thought they'd try something new. 
| There is indeed a quiet, but sizable group of Linux users out there who want 
| to buy consumer products that "just work" with Linux. Frankly, I am one of 
| them. I would be ecstatic to use the Eye-Fi card with my Acer Aspire One on 
| the road, but someone thought I was not a viable part of the consumer market.      


Microlite Corporation releases BackupEDGE for Linux with Cloud Storage

,----[ Quote ]
| Amazon uses a scalable, decentralized, fault tolerant server structure to 
| guarantee 99.9% data availability at a cost far less expensive than building 
| a data center and renting space. The only concern for the user is the 
| reliability and speed of the local Internet connection.    



You're A Linux User/Supporter: You Just Don't Know It Yet  

,----[ Quote ]
| I'D like to start by asking you a series of seemingly unrelated questions.  
| Have you watched Shrek or Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone?  Have you 
| flown on Continental, Virgin America or Singapore Airlines?  Do you drive a 
| BMW, Fiat or Renault car?  Are you serving in the United States Army?  Have 
| you ever bought anything online using Paypal?  Have you ever stayed in a 
| Sheraton hotel?  Or travelled by train in Canada?     


The hidden world of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| There are many great FOSS projects that utilise old PC hardware and give it a 
| new lease of life. The best is desktop computing with various Linux 
| distribution flavours like Mint, PCLinux, Ubuntu and countless others. In 
| fact it is my considered belief that the best hardware to run Linux on is 
| infact (almost) any machine that is at least 12 months old. It is possible, 
| of course, to select components based on the degree (and maturity) of the 
| specific support under Linux but this has two major drawbacks.      
| [...]
| Not only do such projects look to modify embedded Linux devices, but some 
| great projects have sprung up to utilise old PCs every household seems to  
| accumulate in order to fulfil a number of key uses. For example, 
| comprehensive firewall distributions like IPCop or Smoothwall or NAS 
| distributions like FreeNAS (although this is based on BSD.) These are not 
| dirty hacked operating systems either but very mature, streamlined, low 
| memory footprint distributions which run headlessly. Being totally 
| administered through a web browser makes these distributions feel extremely 
| professional and polished (even if the archaic hardware they are running on 
| doesn’t) this being coupled by the extraordinary amount of options present 
| really makes these projects an extraordinary example of the flexibility of 
| Linux/BSD.          


What CAN’T Linux do?

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. The story mentioned above. A man installs Linux on sixteen Playstation 3s 
| (with zero hardware modifications), clusters them together, and creates a 
| system to simulate black holes.  
| 2. Installing Linux on a Mac. I was just reading the most recent Wired 
| magazine that has a good story on how Apple has created a very closed system 
| where only Apple software plays on Apple hardware. Hello Yellow Dog Linux! I 
| have run Linux on an iBook - it was sweet.   
| 3. Routers. We all know that Linux works well on routers. OpenWRT installs 
| well on many Linksys routers. 
| [...]
| 11. Airplane black boxes. Montavista uses a Carrier Grade Linux to power 
| in-flight recorders. 
| 12. Brain surgery. Yep. This Linux-powered robot helps in brain surgery.

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