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Re: Citrix, Microsoft, and Red Hat or Novell gang up on VMware ..

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____/ Doug Mentohl on Tuesday 24 February 2009 13:14 : \____

> Doug Mentohl wrote:
> “I make the further prediction that Citrix will stop developing
> XenServer altogether since it is not needed to make XenApp work.  This
> will signal the eventual end of XEN.  You really have to applaud
> Microsoft’s Server group here: XEN could have been a serious competitor
> to them, but instead it ended up being a partner and technology provider.
> Now, when the difficult economic climate could have created considerable
> opportunities for the open source XEN offering, it is instead largely
> out of the picture due to its relationship with Citrix, and by extension
> with Microsoft.”
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/virtualization/?p=726

I saw this coming shortly after the deal.

Former Microsoft employees (Ignition Partners) put money in Xen.

A crony was put in charge of Xen.

Xen sold out to Citrix.

Microsoft took Xen from Citrix.

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