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Re: Citrix, Microsoft, and Red Hat or Novell gang up on VMware ..

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____/ Doug Mentohl on Monday 23 February 2009 19:47 : \____

> Next week, Citrix will be announcing that it will no longer charge for
> its flagship virtualization program XenServer 5, and its new management
> program, Citrix Essentials, will support both Microsoft's Hyper-V and
> XenServer ..

But VMware is run by Maritz and Tucci, two Microsoft bullies. Citrix is like a
subsidiary of Microsoft, so it seems like a manufactured confrontation or eve
marketing slicing/allocation.


    In the summer of 2007, Diane Greene was lauded as a business hero for
leading VMware, a maker of business software, to the hottest stock debut since
Google. But in the ensuing year, despite her popularity with employees and on
Wall Street, her relationship with her directors, and especially VMware’s
chairman, Joseph M. Tucci, grew increasingly chilly.

    On July 7, she found out just how cold it had become. After Ms. Greene made
a special presentation to VMware’s board, Mr. Tucci, who heads VMware’s parent
company, EMC, pulled her aside, according to people familiar with the events,
who asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss internal
company decisions.

    Inviting Mendel Rosenblum, Ms. Greene’s husband and the co-founder of
VMware, into the room, Mr. Tucci told Ms. Greene she was fired, effective
immediately. And he said the board wanted Mr. Rosenblum, VMware’s chief
scientist, to take her seat on the board. Mr. Rosenblum declined the offer.


    And VMware’s new chief executive, Paul Maritz, once a top executive at
Microsoft, is fighting to articulate how VMware can evolve from a darling
upstart to a mature player capable of maintaining its growth while facing off
against some of the world’s technology heavyweights. 

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