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Re: "Android is not open. It's a marketing label"

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____/ Ezekiel on Monday 23 February 2009 17:40 : \____

> <quote>
> Despite the release of Android's source code last year, Symbian Foundation
> director Lee Williams claimed the Linux-based Google OS merely wears a big
> 'open' badge to disguise its underlying 'closed shop' ethos.
> "Android is not open," he told silicon.com. "It's a marketing label. It's
> controlled by Google."
> However, Android co-founder and Google's VP of mobile, Rich Miner, scorned
> the notion of a group-led platform being open.
> Unlike the Symbian Foundation - which is a not-for-profit organisation -
> Google is a business and therefore "to some extent for the most part we are
> capitalists", Miner conceded, adding Google doesn't necessarily "think
> everything should be necessarily open and free".
> </quote>
> http://networks.silicon.com/mobile/0,39024665,39398332,00.htm

Symbian = DRM, software patents, Nokia (sw pats lobbyist in EU, UK).

Kettle. Black.

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