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[News] New Ubuntu Release Comes with KDE 3.5, Long-term Support

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Kubuntu 8.04.2 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| The Kubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Kubuntu 8.04.2, the 
| second and final maintenance update to Kubuntu's 8.04 release. This release 
| includes updated desktop, and alternate installation CDs for the i386 and 
| amd64 architectures. This update is provided in recognition that the current 
| Kubuntu release (8.10) with its cutting edge KDE 4 desktop is not yet 
| appropriate for all users.     
| In all, over 200 updates have been integrated, and updated installation media 
| has been provided so that fewer updates will need to be downloaded after 
| installation. These include security updates, and corrections for other 
| high-impact bugs, with a focus on maintaining stability and compatibility 
| with Kubuntu 8.04.    


Kubuntu 8.04.2 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| The Kubuntu team announced on Saturday (February 21) the second maintenance 
| release of Kubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron), which is supported with security fixes 
| and maintenance updates until October 2009. Kubuntu 8.04.2 brings to its 
| dedicated users a lot of security updates and corrections (over 200), all 
| with a single goal: to keep Kubuntu 8.04 a stable and reliable Linux 
| distribution!     


"There's a lot of Linux out there -- much more than Microsoft
generally signals publicly -- and their customers are using it..."

           --Paul DeGroot, a Directions On Microsoft analyst


Kubuntu 8.10 vs Mepis 7.9.94 vs Puppy 4.1.2

,----[ Quote ]
| Okay, how about a smack down between 3 of my favorite distros?  Okay, Kubuntu
| is not my favorite as this is the first time I’ve tried it, but it is a
| biggy.  I have ragged and ragged on Ubuntu even though I have tried to like
| it.  I do prefer KDE, so I’m going to give that an honest look and see if
| that warms me up to the Ubuntu brand.  I’m pitting this distro giant against
| Mepis which has been a fav of mine since discovering Linux and is responsible
| for me falling for KDE.  The release I’m running is 7.9.94 which is the RC1
| of 8.0.  Not quite as stable or developed so the advantage goes here to
| Kubuntu before we even start.  Puppy has been my light weight fav for a long
| time and is an odd one out in this little comparison.  But we’ll see how well
| this little distro measures up.  Since I’m running totally off of live CD’s,
| Puppy actually gets an advantage as it runs totally in RAM.

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