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[News] Foresight GNU/Linux 2.1.0 is Released, Screenshots Up

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Foresight Linux 2.1.0

,----[ Quote ]
| Foresight GNOME Edition features the GNOME desktop environment, created and 
| maintained by The GNOME Project, as the interface for Foresight Linux. Thanks 
| to dedicated teams within The GNOME Project, GNOME provides usability, 
| accessibility, and freedom focused on creating software that is easy and 
| enjoyable for everyone to use. Taking advantage of its rolling releases, 
| Foresight can promptly release an updated GNOME edition each time GNOME has a 
| new release, making Foresight the top choice when demonstrating the latest 
| GNOME.       


Foresight Linux 2.1.0 GNOME Edition Is Here

,----[ Quote ]
| The Foresight Linux Project team announced yesterday the immediate 
| availability of Foresight Linux 2.1.0 GNOME Edition, a Linux distribution 
| based on rPath. This new version brings the latest stable GNOME desktop 
| environment and many updates.    



Foresight 2.0.5 review - First Impressions

,----[ Quote ]
| Foresight 2.0.5 is a really nice looking system with a nice default set of
| packages.
| Unfortunately it seems a bit incomplete and would need more testing before
| it´s released.
| For some reason the shutdown option on the menu disappeared and I had to do a
| shutdown from the terminal.
| For the time being this distribution will not have a place in my heart or my
| computer hard drive.
| Too bad since it´s nice looking.


Foresight Linux Kids Edition 1.0 ScreenShots

,----[ Quote ]
| I finally found a good Linux Distribution for kids. My daughter who is
| turning 5 soon completely loved the learning games on Foresight, especially
| TuxTyping. I highly recommend this OS for us Linux Geeks that have kids. It
| has a nice set of learning games, fun to play games, OpenOffice, and more. I
| just feel it is lacking a good proxy wizard so that kids are not allowed to
| hit certain sites. I feel any distro targeted at kids and learning should
| have a great proxy wizard. Well I hope you enjoy the screenshots below.


Download Foresight Mobile Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Foresight Mobile Edition is a Linux distribution for your netbook or ultra
| portable PC that features a rolling release schedule that always keeps your
| desktop up to date; a revolutionary package manager, Conary; a customized


Foresight Linux Goes Mobile

,----[ Quote ]
| Foresight Linux's development team just rolled out a mobile version of their
| distribution. This new release is no lightweight at 530MB, but it does offer
| a whole range of functionality and pre-installed software along with a Gnome
| desktop that was specially created for smaller displays


Foresight Kid's can inspire young minds

,----[ Quote ]
| My 4-year-old granddaughter test drove Foresight Kid's Edition and had a
| wonderful time. Her previous computer experience didn't include menu
| operation as far as I knew, but she had observed its use. Up until this point
| she had been accustomed to finding the icons for Tuxpaint and Frozen Bubble
| on the desktop. Possibly due to the contrast, she was first drawn to the
| Trash icon, but it didn't take long before she was clicking the menu start
| button. When the menu unfolded, she moved the cursor to the snaky Nibbles
| icon and clicked.
| [...]
| Foresight Kid's Edition is a useful system for children of all ages. From an
| educational tool to an everyday desktop, Foresight Kid's seems to be quite
| flexible despite its emphasis on young ones. It would be particularly handy
| for setting up a system for children using an older computer you were
| thinking of throwing out, or a replacement for other systems that are prone
| to dangerous malware.


Foresight Kid's Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Foresight Kid's Edition is a Linux distribution for children that features a
| number of education and entertainment applications, as well as the benefits
| of the Foresight GNOME Edition: a rolling release schedule that always keeps
| your desktop up to date; a revolutionary package manager, Conary; a
| customized GNOME desktop environment and an innovative set of excellent, up
| to date software applications.

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