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[News] GNU/Linux Shows That Sometimes Less is More

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Arch + Openbox: February screenshots

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes, I’m back to Openbox. I liked KDE 4.2 an awful lot, I just realised that 
| I don’t really need a desktop environment.  I guess that’s why I always 
| return to Openbox: I know my way around it well enough to configure it just 
| the way I like, and it doesn’t get in my way.   



FOSS: Price Is Zero, Value Is Priceless

,----[ Quote ]
| The main factor working against the growth of open source software in Asia
| has been the ready availability of pirated versions of Microsoft's software.
| However, open source advocates are gaining traction in places such as Nepal,
| where Linux is growing in popularity.
| [...]
| FOSS alternatives exist for almost all commercial software, Pradhananga says.
| What is lacking is awareness, he says.
| Now, Foss Nepal with MPP, Help Nepal Network and other cyberactivists are
| trying to change all that with public programs and recruitment of young
| software engineers into the movement.


Opinion: You really can do more with less

,----[ Quote ]
| Perhaps you're providing support for two kinds of very similar software, such
| as Unix and Linux operating systems; again, it would be less expensive to
| consolidate.


Is Simple Software Always Better?

,----[ Quote ]
| On the opposite end of the spectrum, some software is built to be
| so simple and elegant that you wonder if the developers only created
| it so that it could be entered into a beauty pageant. All beauty and
| no brains isn't a good combination either, but even with that said,
| this is the development style that some OS X developers have fallen
| into. Their applications may animate a certain action beautifully,
| which is cool, but does the software actually do what it needs to
| do? Are you sacrificing functionality for looks? Does the program
| really add anything new, or is it the same old thing with an
| extreme makeover? The truth of the matter is that looks will only
| get you so far. You may be able to initially draw some eyeballs
| your way, but once the novelty wears off, what do you have to show
| for yourself? If you leave your users wanting more, then they may
| even switch over to the "old-fashioned" applications that may not
| look very pretty, and they may have a lot going on, but at least
| they can get the job done.

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