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[News] More Eye Candy and Ear Candy Come to GNU/Linux

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Input Redirection, MPX and NOMAD

,----[ Quote ]
| So considering that compiz++ is now master and my patches haven’t been 
| maintained in a while, a lot of you might be wondering what is going on with 
| input redirection and MPX. Was that effort wasted? Is it made obsolete by 
| com[iz++? Is it still doable? When is it coming? Etc.   


More Ear Candy (0.3)

,----[ Quote ]
| Ear Candy is, as mentioned earlier, a sound level manager, written by Jason 
| Taylor, that nicely fades applications in and out based on there profile and 
| window focus. Let's say you are listing to music and suddenly a Skype call 
| comes. Ear Candy will lower the music automatically for you until the Skype 
| call is ended. A real win for user-experience. Of course the same is possible 
| for movie-players, Firefox or whatever you want. It's about time we started 
| feeling the benefits of PulseAudio.       



Fancy Up Your KDE or GNOME With Eye Candy [Linux]

,----[ Quote ]
| Two web sites that are all about eye candy for for Linux are KDE-Look and
| GNOME-Look.
| [...]
| If you ever wanted to know where people get the super-cool stuff for Linux
| that makes it look so modern, sleek and so on - said people probably got it
| all (or at least a good chunk of it) from one of those two sites.


New Compiz Animation: Bonanza

,----[ Quote ]
| School’s not been out but one day and I’m already doing something [mildly]
| useful with my life. I wrote this effect yesterday that looks like the window
| is burning from the inside out. Why did I call it “Bonanza”? If you remember,
| there used to be a western TV show by the same name that had an
| old-western-style map that also burned from the inside out. Every time I see
| this effect, the catchy theme song from the show runs through my head.


Ear Candy makes your Gnome Desktop a little bit smarter

,----[ Quote ]
| Since this funny project has already been reviewed by some other blogger, I
| thought I could drop some word as well.
| Some time ago in the #rapache-devel channel Jason, which is the author of
| many of the nice features found in Rapache, came up with the idea of
| leveraging PulseAudio and do something with it.



Eye Candy, Ear Candy

,----[ Quote ]
| Far too much hacking on a school night....
| I've been putting a fair amount of time into getting PulseAudio integrated
| cleanly on Mandriva of late and it's going pretty well.


Ubuntu Developer Week - Your Shipment Of Win Has Arrived

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, this resulted in the incredible wickedness that shall be known to all
| humanity as Ubuntu Developer Week and it happens from the 18th - 22nd Feb.


PulseAudio to bring earcandy to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| PulseAudio provides the infrastructure needed to bring a next-generation
| audio experience to the Linux desktop.  


Pulse Audio [to ship with Feodra 8]

,----[ Quote ]
| PulseAudio is a next generation sound server for Linux, making all sorts
| of "ear-candy" possible: from dynamically changing the volume of individual
| applications to hot-plugging support for many different devices. Fedora 8 is
| going to be the first distribution to ship and enable PulseAudio by default
| and with this in mind we talked to LennartPoettering who is the upstream and
| Fedora developer of PulseAudio and Avahi about the work he has put in to
| this.      

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