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Re: [News] Ubuntu 9.10 is Called "Karmic Koala"

DFS wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:


Next Ubuntu release to be called Intrepid Ibex, due in October

,----[ Quote ]
In a message posted on the Ubuntu mailing list this morning, Ubuntu
founder Mark Shuttleworth announced that Ubuntu 8.10, which is
tentatively scheduled for release in October, will be called
Intrepid Ibex.

Also Recent:

Thousands of complaints and problems about Ubuntu freezing, locking up, kernel panicking, ruining their computing experience, causing them to rant in anger, begging for help from unresponsive developers, reporting exabytes of memory being used, forced reinstalls, forced reboots, wasting days of time, being forced back to XP to get a usable system, getting a few minutes of uptime, blaming ATI, blaming nVidia, blaming the hardware, and just generally staring in disbelief at the bullshit "operating system" so many Linux idiots claim is perfect.

You're mistaken DFS, you must have been reading about Vista, you know, that OS disaster from Microsoft from whom you are paid. Watching you and the good Doctor post your FUD here day in and day out, year after year we can only reach one conclusion, that MS is desperately trying to discredit Linux because Linux must be succeeding. If your and the good Doctor's behaviour is an example of how Microsoft behaves and what it has become, I'll gladly become a Linux advocate and drop all MS products. This behaviour is so typical of the greed being demonstrated on Wall Street and in other parts of corporate America.

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