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[News] [Rival] Vista7 Looks Like Another Vista Junk Already, Made Abroad

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Windows 7 fast track alarms technical testers

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has moved to contain growing criticism from beta testers that it's 
| railroading the Windows 7 and Windows Live test programs, leaving bugs 
| unfixed.  


Windows 7 on the (Too) Fast Track

,----[ Quote ]
| Development team responses like "won't fix" or "by design" seem to be the the 
| norm for even serious issues, leading many testers to conclude that the 
| product was feature complete (i.e. no longer subject to significant 
| modification based on tester input) long before they received their first 
| code drop.    
| [...]
| I've long felt the Windows 7 development process was a bit too opaque. After 
| the near transparency of the Vista soap opera -- where we all tuned in weekly 
| to learn of the latest axed feature or slipped ship date -- Windows 7 has 
| been a veritable "black box." Most of us knew nothing about the new version 
| until we received our pre-release PDC builds, and by then much of the OS' 
| design and feature set was already frozen.     
| And as for the public "beta" charade, more than one person has accused 
| Microsoft of using the threat of limited availability and a fixed cut-off 
| date as a kind of PR stunt, a way to generate buzz by showing how much 
| pent-up demand exists for their new baby.   
| [...]
| Wake up, folks. It's all been a big lie.


You get what you pay for (details below).


Microsoft India centre working on Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Designers and engineers at Microsoft R&D centre in India have a new mandate 
| for development of Windows 7, the next generation operating system from 
| Microsoft Corporation, slated for release in 2009-10.  

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