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[News] Another Free/Open Source Software Win in France

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French VAR Wins Major Open Source ERP Deal

,----[ Quote ]
| Do you still doubt the power of the emerging open source IT channel? Consider 
| this: Axilom, a solutions provider based in France, has won a contract to 
| deploy Compiere Inc.’s open source ERP (enterprise resource planning) system 
| for La Poste, a global postal processing organization with 300,000 employees 
| and 45 million customers. Here’s the scoop.    


Finding the right open-source price

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm currently working on pricing models for several new open-source 
| companies, and I keep running into a similar set of challenges. The primary 
| issue is that when you shrink a market, as open source does, you must to find 
| a pricing model that solves the equation, meaning that your costs must 
| substantially lower in order for you to make money.    



French Lawmakers Hope to Inspire Linux Revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| If the French National Assembly gets its way, the open-source Linux operating
| system will take over the governments of Europe, seizing on a weak economy to
| displace Windows.
| About 18 months ago, the Assembly shifted from running Windows on the 1,100
| computers of its members and their assistants to running a version of Linux
| called Ubuntu. (I profiled the rise of Ubuntu in a recent article.) According
| to Rudy Salles, vice president of the assembly, the decision to abandon
| Microsoft’s Windows software was both an economic and political gesture.
| The French Parliament should save about 500,000 euros over the next five
| years, thanks to the low price of Ubuntu –- free –- and have lower management
| costs. Linux tends to have fewer security issues than Windows, for example.


French government using Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| The French Ministry for Health, Youth and Sport launched a Drupal-based
| information portal for French youth: http://www.jeunes.gouv.fr. Building on
| the rapid adoption of Drupal by non-profit and advocacy groups, Drupal's use
| by governments just keeps increasing!


Parlez-vous le Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| Not only do the French have a different word for everything, they also have a
| strong Open Source leadership position. The French have done much to foster
| the growth and acceptance of Open Source software--especially Linux. The
| Mandriva Linux distribution was born and raised in France (now in its 10th
| year), the French government offers tax incentives to encourage more Open
| Source development, and more 175,000 memory sticks with Open Source software
| were given to Parisian high school students last year.



France pins hopes of growth on open-source software


French National Assembly switches to Linux


Free Ubuntu laptops for French students


French consumer protectionists are demanding PCs without preinstalled


French consumer group attacks PC software bundling


French police deal blow to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft
| for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest
| administrations in the world to make the break.


French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Choose Mandriva

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries chose to migrate its local
| servers (about 400 machines) from Windows NT Server to Mandriva
| Corporate Server 4.0, within two years.

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