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Re: [News] US Government Pressured Some More to Adopt Free Software

Snit wrote:

> 7 stated in post wBInl.37874$Sp5.36535@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on
> 2/20/09 6:16 PM:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Dear Mr. President: Buy open source
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | Last week, a group of open source execs sent an open letter to the
>>> | president, asking that he "make the use of open source software a key
>>> | component of every new technology initiative the United States
>>> | government enters into."
>>> | 
>>> | [...]
>>> | 
>>> | Software isn't a seat belt, but the stakes are equally high. The
>>> | signers of the letter to Obama had it right: Open source should be on
>>> | the short list when the government buys software. And modest
>>> | government investments in software security would have the secondary
>>> | effect of putting IT workers back on the job.
>>> `----
>>> http://weblog.infoworld.com/tech-bottom-line/archives/2009/02
>> dear_mr_preside.html
>> I don't know why USA doesn't ban closed source.
>> Nearly all closed source, government departments, military
>> and google rely 100% on open source for their daily existence.
>> From routers to flat TVs, from IP cams to satnav, its all powered
>> under the hood by Linux. The world's economies would fail
>> if it were not for Linux supporting the entire IT infrastructure.
>> Linux sells 3 million+ embedded Linux gadgets PER DAY alone.
>> Thats thousands upon thousands of factories around the globe
>> employing millions of people with Linux powering the innovation
>> and the glue. Even in recession open source companies are
>> expanding making and selling new Linux products.
>> Banning closed source software will just keep on accelerating
>> that trend and create more jobs and opportunities than
>> failed politics and economics of closed source.
> Use what works best: open or closed source.  Keep your philosophy out of
> the government.

The politics of closed source infects the world with DRM
and software patents. And closed source just doesn't work.

Open source companies are expanding in a recession.
So it is right for companies making money with open
source to ask for removal of barriers to their trade.

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