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Re: Cuba declares war on Windows

John B. slocomb wrote:

> In fact that Linux was built on the foundation of a previous
> successful system is simply "good engineering".

        Implied by your faint praise is the suggestion that Linux was built
by reverse engineering Unix.  What was done was different.  Linus T.
took the specifications for Unix, not the code, and then wrote a new
system, (with a little help from some friends), that matched fairly
closely those specifications.  The new code was probably much better
and has provided a new operating system with unparallelled resilience
and reliability.
        Even so, the incredible thing that was created was the cooperative
volunteer model for software developers around the world which is
comparable to Henry Ford implementing the first assembly line.  It's
a real contribution to a new economic structure that could eventually
replace both capitalism and communism.

> Rather then be so defensive about Linux I would have thought people
> would be bragging about this system, created by an unknown
> under-graduate, in an unknown school, that has become an
> internationally recognized and accepted system, even making inroads,
> in some instances, into what was in the past the sole domain of the
> largest software company in the world.
        Well, when you get the development concept right, the rest just
follows naturally.

(Remove FFFf from my email address to reply by email).

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