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[News] South African Press About Ubuntu Migrations, Local Hero

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HOW TO: Introduce Ubuntu into your workplace

,----[ Quote ]
| Congratulations! You now have Ubuntu up and running in your workplace. From 
| here, you can tailor the system to your needs (I installed a few design and 
| web development applications and Firefox extensions, for example).  


Ubuntu's Shuttleworth Opens Up

,----[ Quote ]
| I received a link to this online PDF from Intel earlier today. It is an 
| interesting read from one of the bigger players in the Linux world, Mark 
| Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical Ltd and a general Open Source 
| enthusiast, Entrepreneur and socially and ethically responsible "nice guy". 
| He's also spent a shade under 10 days in space aboard Soyuz TM-34 and the 
| ISS. OK, *now* I'm jealous!!!     



Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 129

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #129 for the week February
| 8th - February 14th, 2009. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu LoCo Teams Meeting,
| New MOTU's, Rockin' LoCo Docs Day, Ubuntu Hug Day, Improved mail server
| stack: Testing needed, Drupal 5.x and 6.x LoCo Suite Released, Ubuntu
| Honduras being organized, Launchpod #17, Triage in Launchpad suite, PPA page
| perfomance improvements, Ubuntu Training for USA, HP Mini Mi Screenshots,
| Server Team Meeting Feb. 10th, and much, much more!


Gameloft Moves 1,000 Desktops to Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| “It’s been a pretty big deployment, well over 1000 desktops and it’s been a
| huge success,” crows the source. “Ubuntu does the same job [as Windows] for
| zero cash. The most painful thing about the change over was moving to
| Thunderbird from Outlook. No one has batted an eyelid about moving to Gnome.”



French police deal blow to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft
| for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest
| administrations in the world to make the break.

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