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[News] New Networking Devices Run GNU/Linux

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SATEL launches SATELLAR - The world's first radio modem with a Linux
application platform

,----[ Quote ]
| SATEL, a leading manufacturer of radio modems for long range wireless data, 
| announced SATELLAR Digital System, a smart radio modem combining 
| TCP/IP-functionalities, a Linux platform for customer specific applications, 
| and a versatile modular structure. Whereas radio modems have conventionally 
| been used to simply convey data - essentially replacing a cable in 
| inconvenient locations - SATELLAR can do a lot more. The central unit, one of 
| SATELLAR's modular units, is essentially a computer with sufficient 
| processing power and memory to run sophisticated software applications in 
| addition to the        


Linux device bridges 3G, WiFi in Spain

,----[ Quote ]
| Another option might be to use a modern Linux distribution on a notebook 
| equipped with a supported 3G data card (Web reports suggest Telefonica's 
| Huawei E270 works under at least some Linux distributions). Starting with 
| Fedora 10, Linux gained a version of NetworkManager supporting the easy 
| creation of ad hoc networks, as shown in the screenshot below...    



Smack, crack, hack and track any network with Linux (not Windows)

,----[ Quote ]
| The very technology underpinning the Internet – TCP/IP – came to life in the
| world of UNIX. It's no surprise that the best network "auditing" (ie
| snooping!) tools are to be found on Linux, and not that Johnny-come-lately,
| Windows. Here is the reason why Windows is crippled by comparison.

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