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[News] South African Company Tells Story of Migration to GNU/Linux

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Megafreight migration: Open source lightens the load

,----[ Quote ]
| My interest in Linux was not all that different to many others, I suppose. I 
| was eager to try and understand what the fuss was all about back in 1996 
| while I was still at school and it has kept me interested ever since. At the 
| age of 23 I was employed by Megafreight as their systems administrator. For 
| about a year I struggled with corrupt MS Exchange 5.5 database files and 
| temperamental MS Servers before I decided to implement our first Linux 
| server.      
| I had been experimenting with Gentoo as my distro of choice mainly because it 
| was said that Gentoo gives one a better insight into the workings of Linux. 
| It is also a very fast distribution as everything is compiled from source. 
| This was demonstrated when I installed Gentoo on a P4 3.0GHz CPU, 4Gig of RAM 
| and a 160GB IDE disk. We had recently lost our entire mail server due to a 
| corrupt Exchange 5.5 database file and had moved our mail hosting to a fairly 
| new Linux management company called Synaq.      



Ubuntu in South African Schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the last month, I've heard that the government's licensing agreement
| with Microsoft is now about to expire and has not been renewed yet.
| Apparently, the Department of Education is now pushing schools into switching
| to Linux as otherwise they will need to budget for a couple of extra million
| just for software licensing fees.
| It's surprising to me though that they are only pushing for this now. They
| should have started the transition quite some time ago. Linux has matured a
| lot as a desktop operating system (with no small thanks to Ubuntu) and it's
| much better to get your learners familiar with Linux and decrease your
| dependency on any particular software vendor regardless of your current
| agreements.
| [...]
| So of course, now the question is, how many will start to adopt Linux?
| Obviously, as you can expect, there will be a lot of fighting and kicking by
| lots of the schools. The teachers know what they know and obviously feel much
| more comfortable sticking with what they have. However, money talks, and now
| the pressure is (apparently) on.

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