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[News] GNU/Linux Empowers Small Developers

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Interview: Bringing a community together with free software

,----[ Quote ]
| CK: This project just couldn’t have happened with Microsoft software. The 
| financial, hardware and time requirements made it very suitable for 
| GNU/Linux.  
|     * Doing it in GNU/Linux made the learning experience attractive to me 
|     and, so far, I’m the only resident maintaining it. 
|     * There is easily available software to by-pass Microsoft proxy servers 
|     and, with kids using the suite, I don’t have the time to monitor them. I 
|     need a system that I can lock down and trust in.  
|     * Even to run the system in Windows XP would have required serious 
|     fund-raising and with that would have come the need to quantify the 
|     project’s achievements. This is not that type of project; how do you 
|     quantify different age and ethnic groups talking to each other? Part of 
|     the attraction for some people is just to come, “footle” and natter.    



Why Google loves open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Perhaps that's because Google apparently recognizes that open source isn't
| something to be strip-mined. For open source to succeed, it must be made into
| a renewable resource. That means contributing back. It means respecting the
| community and feeding it.
| Google groks this. The next phase is to convince enterprise IT to contribute
| back, too, as it is the group most in need of the cost savings, innovation,
| and efficiency that open source can provide. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst has
| been calling for greater enterprise IT participation in open-source
| communities. Let's hope they listen.


Why open source is good for Google

,----[ Quote ]
| At Google, we love open source for a few reasons. First, it speeds
| innovation. Open source lowers the barrier to entry for users, website
| owners, and application developers. It means there can be another Google, or
| another Yahoo!, started from someone's garage in Auckland or Arhus with very
| little capital required, because the building blocks for success are freely
| available.


Google augments open-source spell-check

,----[ Quote ]
| Google released the resulting dictionary entries under the three open-source
| licenses that Hunspell uses: the GNU General Public License and Lesser
| General Public License and the Mozilla Public License. Google added new words
| for 19 languages into the latest developer preview version of Chrome,

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