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[News] Asia Praises Free Software, Which is Claimed More Secure

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The statist approach to open source

,----[ Quote ]
| He keynoted an open source conference in Singapore on Tuesday and gave 
| special praise to Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian, whose open source 
| efforts are opening the market for Singapore.  


Open source traits lead to secure applications

,----[ Quote ]
| The manner in which open source tools are developed lends a level of security 
| assurance to the applications that are built on this model, said Sun 
| Microsystems executives.  
| Roman Tuma, Asia South software practice managing director at Sun, noted that 
| due to the inherent nature of open source, anyone can review the source codes 
| to look for irregularities that could potentially harm users.   



The Big Ol' Ubuntu Security Resource

,----[ Quote ]
| If you've recently switched from Windows to the Linux distribution Ubuntu,
| you've probably experienced a decrease in spyware -- and malware in
| general -- on your system. But although Ubuntu is billed as the ultra-secure
| solution, you should know that even though Ubuntu's default install has its
| flaws, like every other operating system.



OSX Tiger vs. Vista vs. Ubuntu Security: a 15 Point Report Card

,----[ Quote ]
| When shopping for a new computer, your mind is probably spinning with
| considerations: price, reliability, speed, software capabilities, security,
| and other specs. Perhaps the hardest part is choosing an operating system on
| which everything will run. To get a good idea of what capabilities Apple’s
| OSX Tiger/Leopard, Windows Vista, and Ubuntu Linux have to offer, check out
| our 15 point report card that compares the levels of protection you’ll get
| with each of them.

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