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[News] Government's Public Looting Can Help GNU/Linux and Free Software

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Let's Use Stimulus to Boost Open Source in Schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Obama wants stimulus to transform schools. Linux, anyone?
| Without squabbling over the politics of what the new US president wants for 
| our educational system, the fact of the matter is he now has access to 
| enormous spending power to potentially improve what schools’ financial 
| resources.    


Health IT Industry Applauds Funding in Federal Stimulus Package, Looks to
National Network of Paperless Hospitals

,----[ Quote ]
| Medsphere Systems Corporation, the leading provider of Open Source healthcare 
| IT solutions, today announced full support for the health IT funding 
| incorporated into the stimulus package legislation that was passed by 
| Congress. The approved measure, which awaits President Obama’s signature, 
| opens the door for a national electronic health records (EHR) network built 
| on standards for interoperability and affordability.      



Microsoft Applauds the Senate Passage of the Economic Stimulus Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| From the earliest, planning, stages of the U.S. economic stimulus bill,
| Microsoft has indicated strong support for the initiative, arguing the
| critical necessity of the financial package. Last week, Microsoft Chief
| Executive Officer Steve Ballmer addressed the U.S. House of Representatives
| Democratic Caucus Retreat, emphasizing yet again the need for the stimulus in
| order to sustain what the CEO referred to as the restart of the economic
| engine. On February 10, 2009, Fred Humphries, managing director, U.S.
| Government Affairs, Microsoft, applauded the Senate passage of the economic
| stimulus bill, and underlined that U.S. Congress needed to take critical
| steps to pass legislation that would jumpstart the economy, including handing
| out the necessary funds.

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