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[News] Introduction to Entropy User-Generated Content

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Entropy UGC

,----[ Quote ]
| Ever since we launched the new website and implemented UGC (User Generated 
| Content) in entropy it looks like it never came clear what this is all about. 
| Let me try to put some light in the dark here and explain about the purpose 
| about it.   



Nova Linux released, Cuba joins the Linux bandwagon with Sabayon technologies

,----[ Quote ]
| Today is a good day, the University of Informatics Sciences - Havana, Cuba,
| released Nova Linux, the Official Cuban Linux distribution and guess what, it
| uses Entropy, the most promising Sabayon Linux technology.


Sabayon 4 & future Entropy

,----[ Quote ]
| Also, it’s very probable that Sabayon 4.1 will be shipped in two forms,
| Sabayon and Sabayon Lite (DVD version with just one Desktop Environment and
| only selected applications).



Entropy - a new package management toolkit for Sabayon Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| While the development of the next stable version is indeed proceeding at a
| slower pace than it used to, much behind-the-scenes code, intended to make
| the upcoming release of Sabayon Linux stand out from the crowd, continues to
| be written daily. One of these little subprojects is Entropy, a new package
| management toolkit for Sabayon Linux.
| Entropy is described as a package management system that combines the best of
| Portage, Yum and APT to provide a fast, intuitive and trouble-free solution
| for Sabayon Linux users. It consists of several tools. The text-mode client
| called "Equo" was already available in a previous Sabayon Linux release, but
| the graphical client called "Spritz" is expected to make its first appearance
| only in version 3.5. Other tools that make up the Entropy kit
| include "Reagent" and "Activator", which are server applications.

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