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[News] GNU/Linux Stars in Media Servers/Centres

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Elisa: 47.6% more rocking than ever

,----[ Quote ]
| I’m still packaging Elisa for Mandriva, because my HTPC is still running 
| Mandriva (don’t really see any need to go through unnecessary work to convert 
| my servers and HTPC to Fedora, Linux is Linux…). Fedora has good Elisa 
| packages already, maintained expertly by Matthias Saou, so my services are 
| not required there. He doesn’t update quite as fast as me, though.    


How To: Turn Your Linux Rig into a Streaming Media Center

,----[ Quote ]
| These days, most people have at least one computer and a large collection of 
| media files. The conventional practice for most people has always been to 
| have redundant copies of their media collection on their various computers. 
| While this system technically works, it is highly inefficient and creates the 
| unnecessary task of keeping the media collection on each computer 
| synchronized and up-to-date with the others. A far better solution is to keep 
| all the media on one computer and stream it as needed to the other machines 
| over the network.       



The BoxeeBox Cookbook

,----[ Quote ]
| Inspired by Roku’s awesome Netflix video download box and impressed with
| Boxee’s free A/V media center platform, it was merely a matter of time before
| I’d create the BoxeeBox, an Ubuntu-powered HTPC that I call my “one box to
| rule them all.” Here’s how it’s done.


Why Does Everyone Heart Boxee?

,----[ Quote ]
| The buzz has been building for Boxee lately. Mainstream news outlets like The
| New York Times, BusinessWeek and NPR are getting hip to the little
| open-source media center that could quite possibly change the way you
| experience TV.


Boxee now open to all Ubuntu, Mac, ATV users

,----[ Quote ]
| Boxee has just opened up its free A/V media center platform to all Ubuntu,
| Mac, and AppleTV users. Additionally, Boxee for Windows has
| entered “private-alpha” phase, during which prospective users apply for the
| software online and wait for a download link.


Boxee: Open Source Connected TV


Boxee does better

,----[ Quote ]
| So, credit where it is due - it at least looks like Boxee is trying to both
| recognize and comply with the GPL.


Boxee plugs into Joost, MTV Music

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition, Boxee will be totally opening up its Mac, Linux, and Apple TV
| alphas to anyone who wants to sign up. The Windows version, however, will not
| be entering an open alpha, but rather an invite-only alpha while it scales.

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