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Re: what ever happened to TRON ..

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____/ Doug Mentohl on Wednesday 18 February 2009 17:28 : \____

> nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> The problem with Windows Mobile .. that it’s a really terrible platform  ..
> What ever happened to TRON and the T-Engine Forum, according to reports
> it was a most excelent platfrom ..
> ''We don't want the Japanese to create a specification that would
> preclude competition,'', former Deputy U. S. Trade Representative
> Michael B. Smith
> "Apparently, Mr. Furukawa believes that if he utters revised historical
> facts enough times, then they will become actual historical facts"
> http://tronweb.super-nova.co.jp/msvshistfact.html

Days ago:


"Iain Thomson: In 2001 things looked good for British firm Sendo.

The company was doing development on mobile platforms and signed a contract
with Microsoft to build the first handset for Microsoft’s upcoming smartphone
operating system. This looked to be a cash cow.

Microsoft bought a stake in the company and a seat on the board and the two
worked on the development of the Stinger’ Z100 smartphone, which was eagerly
awaited by press and public. But then deadlines got missed, then missed again
and the company announced the deal was off.

Shortly afterwards HTC announced it would produce the first Microsoft
smartphones and Windows Mobile was born, albeit with some major revisions
along the way.

Microsoft and Sendo got into a legal battle over the ins and outs of the
situation and signed a deal ending the affair in 2004 and the Brummie boys and
girls were shortly swallowed by Motorola.

A friend of mine still has one of only two Z100 Stringers that ever made it
into private hands. It worked perfectly for many years and was a favourite
phone of his before being superseded.

I just can’t help feeling that Sendo’s staff might have wanted to bolt the
doors when Microsoft came calling.

Shaun Nichols: We could probably build a top ten list just from the names of
companies that have been done in by Microsoft. This one is also an example of
just how unforgiving the IT industry can be, particularly a fast-growing
market such as smartphones.

Sendo is also an example of how some of the coolest products can often be sent
to the scrap heap through no fault of their own. Sometimes politics,
bean-counting or just plain bad luck can do an otherwise promising technology"

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