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[News] GNU/Linux Makes Happy Family

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How Linux Helped Adopt My New Daughter

,----[ Quote ]
| If you noticed that LDN was a little quiet last week, it was because my wife 
| and I were out of town last week--way out of town. Our destination was Addis 
| Abeba, Ethiopia, where we were to bring home our new seven-year-old daughter.  
| [...]
| "Then obviously any Linux files will have no viruses," I finished, holding up 
| the memory stick where he could see the tiny Larry Ewing Tux logo stamped on 
| it--the same logo on the sticker on his server. To emphasize the point, I 
| pulled out my laptop to show him the Linux Foundation logo sticker on my 
| machine.    
| He slumped a bit--I had him. He charged me double the printing rate to try to 
| make up the difference, but they plugged in my drive, printed the files I 
| needed, and we made it back to the embassy with five minutes to spare.  



Explaining Linux to my Mom

,----[ Quote ]
| My mom is smart, but no computer expert. She’s a teacher, and of course uses
| Windows. We’re on an international cell phone call.  I’ve mentioned Ubuntu to
| her before - specifically Edubuntu as she is interested in kids and
| computing. We’re talking about getting Skype set up and she asks me why I
| don’t use Windows.
| [...]
| So what I did — I had been uncomfortable with Microsoft for a while because
| of this thinking — when I got my new computer, I just thought I’d give Linux
| a shot. Try it out. I had heard how you could do everything you need to do on
| Linux. And I’m able to. And it works for me.


The Great Linux/Grandmother Experiment!

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall, I’d have to say the usability features in gOS in specific (and Linux
| in general) are the biggest boon for her.  You have no idea how sad it is
| seeing someone struggle to read the screen with a magnifying glass.  The
| giant pictures and text for the few simple functions she uses are options
| that are specifically available in Linux and not to the same degree in other
| OSes.  She couldn’t read the screen in XP before!  I haven’t tried out the
| usability features in OSX, but she doesn’t have the money for a Mac anyway.
| Linux was really the only viable option in this scenario because of it’s cost
| ($0) and it’s ease of use.  And judging from the way she was picking it up, I
| think she’ll be alright with it!
| So, for what it’s worth, I’d just like to say “Thank you” to all the Linux
| developers who donate their time to those projects.  You’ve literally helped
| my Grandmother see again.


KDE for Grannies

,----[ Quote ]
| Now I’m looking forward to the first email from my Granny. Yes, I’m
| incredibly proud of her.
| And I’m happy about all the effort that was taken to make KDE applications
| easy to use and easy to understand. Even for Grannies.

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