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[News] GNU/Linux Desktops a Success in the French Police

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Towards the freedom of the operating system: the French Gendarmerie goes for

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2001 the Gendarmerie Nationale, France's national police force, started 
| introducing open source software. The main goals were to gain greater 
| independence and flexibility than proprietary software could offer. The 
| decision to migrate all new workstations to Ubuntu, taken in January 2008, 
| was the most important step in this transition so far.    


A recent survey showed very high satisfaction rate with GNU/Linux at the


FR: Education Ministry encourages Open Source use

,----[ Quote ]
| The department at the French Ministry of Education that is handling
| purchasing of software and software licenses is increasing its Open Source
| offerings to some 1.5 million teachers and education workers in 250
| institutes France.
| [...]
| The discount agreement with Mandriva is valid for the next four years. How
| many of France's postgraduate schools and universities today use GNU/Linux
| distribution Mandriva is not recorded, said Verez.



French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Choose Mandriva

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries chose to migrate its local
| servers (about 400 machines) from Windows NT Server to Mandriva
| Corporate Server 4.0, within two years.


France pins hopes of growth on open-source software

,----[ Quote ]
| The French government plans to make the region around Paris a center of
| excellence for open-source software development, the French Minister of the
| Economy, Finance and Industry, Thierry Breton, said Monday.


French National Assembly switches to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux, OpenOffice and Firefox favoured
| [...]
| One deputy in favour of the move is Bernard Carayon, commissioned by
| the Prime Minister earlier this year to report on how European
| businesses could play a greater role in developing global industrial
| standards, in order to reduce Europe's economic dependance on other
| regions.


173 000 French students and 40 000 teachers to get Firefox on a USB key

,----[ Quote
| Jean-Paul Huchon, president of the Région Ile de France (the greater Paris
| local government) has announced yesterday that his administration has started
| distributing 220 000 USB keys with Free and Open-Source software on it,
| including Firefox. The recipients are mostly students (173 000 of them) and
| teachers (40 000).


Free Ubuntu laptops for French students

,----[ Quote ]
| Five thousand French students now have laptops running
| Ubuntu, thanks to a local government initiative.


French consumer protectionists are demanding PCs without preinstalled

,----[ Quote ]
| The consumer protectionists of the French organization UFC-Que Choisir
| are demanding of the IT group Hewlett-Packard and the vendors Auchan
| and Darty that they offer PCs without preinstalled software.
| [...]
| UFC-Que Choisir last year also took action against Sony and Apple,
| taking the two companies to court for allegedly putting their
| customers at a disadvantage through proprietary DRM technologies
| and curtailing their choice of devices.


French consumer group attacks PC software bundling

,----[ Quote ]
| UFC-Que Choisir legal officer Sandra Wouhling said current
| practice effectively forced ordinary consumers to buy computers
| using Microsoft operating systems whereas companies anda
| dministrations were offered a real choice.

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