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[News] Comparison of Contemporary GNU/Linux Distributions

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Which Will Run?: Mint 6, SuSE 11.1, Mandriva 2009 or Antix 8

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| I’m presently auditioning for a new distro.  PCLinuxOS 2007 has been the 
| family favorite for the past year or so.  Last weekend I went ahead and did 
| an over-massive upgrade.  I was anxious to get a look at all the new stuff, 
| but could not for life of me, get past the login screen.  It would lock up 
| totally, and there I was stranded.  I tried rebooting several times, but 
| could not proceed.  The new splash screen looked lovely, but not much good 
| when I couldn’t even sign in.  The update must have knocked something out.  
| Lesson learned: update in small increments.  PCLinuxOS is looking a bit old 
| compared to many of the other distros in the top 10 on Distrowatch, so it is 
| time.  I know the PCLOS team is working on a new release but I’m going to 
| have a look at some others anyway.  I could always use the other OS that came 
| with the machine, but I absolutely love Linux, especially for being online.           



Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 vs OSX Leopard - Comparison

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| Getting Ubuntu is easy, installing it was also a breeze ever since version 
| 7.04. As outlined in my PART 1 review of the process briefly here in my video 
| tutorial. I recommend you download the CD Installer and create a bootable 
| installation CD. The minimum memory requirement for Ubuntu 7.10 is 384MB of 
| memory and 4Gigs of space (for OS X Leopard its 512MB of memory and 9 gigs of 
| space). What I was initially surprised of is the built in support for dual 
| boot (OS X Leopard has Boot Camp) I had Windows XP already installed and 
| Ubuntu allowed me during installation to setup partions and allocate space 
| for the new OS to be installed keeping my Windows (XP or Vista) installation 
| intact, and at the same time created the boot manager (aka Grub Boot Manager) 
| which allows you to select the operating system on bootup.          

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