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[News] Charity Killer's Windows Killers Gain Traction, Use Linux

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Moorestown MID to run voice-call enabled Moblin

,----[ Quote ]
| LG Electronics is collaborating with Intel on a new line of mobile Internet 
| devices (MIDs) based on the latter's energy-efficient "Moorestown" processor. 
| Due to ship in 2010, the MID will run a Linux-based, MID-focused Moblin V2 
| distribution that will add cellular voice capability, says Intel.   


MontaVista spins MID stack

,----[ Quote ]
| MontaVista will demonstrate a commercial Linux distribution for mobile 
| Internet devices (MIDs). The "Montebello" stack focuses on corporate and 
| consumer devices, offering extended battery life, fast boot-up, 
| and "seamless" handoffs between various wireless networks, said Dan Cauchy, 
| senior director of market development.     


LG Electronics, Intel Collaborate on Future Mobile Internet Device

,----[ Quote ]
| LG Electronics (LG) and Intel Corporation today announced collaboration 
| around mobile Internet devices (MIDs) based on Intel’s next-generation MID 
| hardware platform, codenamed “Moorestown,” and Linux-based Moblin v2.0 
| software platform. The LG device is expected to be one of the first 
| Moorestown designs to market.    



Systems, According to ABI Research

,----[ Quote ]
| The Mobile Internet Device (MID) market is shaping up as a very promising
| greenfield opportunity for mobile operating system vendors to find new
| outlets for their products.Linux will be an important part of this market
| from the start and will be championed by solutions such as Moblin and
| Maemo.ABI Research expects that by 2013, 86 million Linux-enabled MID
| products will ship per annum, with Moblin taking 42% of the market.


Intel says Linux-based Moblin update coming soon

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel is readying a second release of the Moblin open-source platform for
| mobile computing, with plans set for an alpha-level version in a few weeks,
| an Intel official said at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in the
| US on Wednesday.



Intel launches mobile Linux initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel has unveiled an ambitious project aimed at developing open source
| software for mobile devices. The Moblin project comprises a Linux kernel, UI
| framework, browser, multimedia framework, and embedded Linux image creation
| tools, along with developer resources such as documentation, mailing lists,
| and an IRC channel.


Ubuntu Mobile and Moblin: just the facts

,----[ Quote ]
| Dan shares a bit of his newfound knowledge and there's definitely some facts
| that I wasn't aware of. Things like:
|     * Moblin isn't an operating system or a Linux distro; it's a project.
|     * Ubuntu Mobile is built with Hildon and Gecko.
|     * Both initiatives have some some Intel backing or sponsorship

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