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[News] Macs Are Good.. for Running GNU/Linux

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Valentine's Day gifts from the geekish heart

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. The Valentine's Day (Video) Card: Avoid that schlep down to Fry's, whereas 
| surplus stores, e.g., Surplus Gizmos (where Oregon Scientific's surplus is 
| sent to find a new home) or the FreeGeek Thrift Store, are much funkier. 
| Check out an entire iMac system for $55, loaded up with user-friendly Ubuntu 
| Linux, and oh-so-cute in it's exterior Macitude. No guarantee that actual 
| Blueberry iMac will be there when you arrive, but there are many, many 
| bargains to be had at FreeGeek (and almost all run faster), and every one of 
| them comes with Free Ubuntu Linux and its easy built-in access to thousands 
| of free programs to download.  FreeGeek and its Thrift Store are located in 
| the heart of the close-in eastside industrial and shopping district (free 
| parking!), is open until seven, Tues.-Sat., and it's only two blocks off the 
| #70 bus line!           



Ubuntu on My MacBook

,----[ Quote ]
| I have recently acquired a brand new MacBook (2.2 GHz, 1Gb RAM). The first 
| thing I did with it was to resize the OSX partition using Boot Camp to make 
| space for Linux. Now my MacBook dualboots Leopard and Ubuntu.  


Linux on a Macintosh

,----[ Quote ]
| Since Apple introduced the Intel chip in their Macintosh computers, people 
| have been using this technology to run other software that they would 
| normally run on their PCs, such as Windows or various blends of *nix. Because 
| of their specialized hardware, Macs present somewhat of a challenge to get a 
| PC operating system that would run without a hitch on a normal PC computer, 
| running on an Intel Mac. This guide aims to highlight, avoid and deal with 
| main complications that arise when running (or trying to run) Linux on a 
| Macintosh.       



Recovering Macintosh User

,----[ Quote ]
| Without these questions answered (yet), I have made the switch (last Friday, 
| Feb. 22) to Linux on my desktop and as a web application developer, this was 
| gutsy. So far, the system is running smoothly. I might add that I traded my 
| Macintosh for a Dell 8100 with only 40 GB hard drive and 256 MB Ram… but the 
| system is still running very well. The Dell is a stop gap measure until I can 
| get either of the boxes that I mentioned earlier.     


Moving from Mac to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a transition and a learning curve in moving from one
| operating system to another. Since many new users of Linux are
| former Windows users, there are many, many Web sites that
| discuss tips on how to move from Windows to Linux. Here are 
| some tips on how to move from the Mac to Linux.


,----[ Quote ]
| Early this month, Mark Pilgrim made waves when he went shopping for a
| new Mac, but decided not to buy one, and, in When the bough breaks, wrote
| at length about switching to Ubuntu. I've been thinking about this a
| lot recently, and now John Gruber's written And Oranges, a fine excursus
| on Mark's piece. I'm pondering the switch away myself, too, and maybe
| sharing my thoughts will be helpful. [Update: Lots of feedback on the
| state of the Ubuntu art.] [Update: More from Mark. I feel sick,
| physically nauseated, that Apple has hidden my email--the record of
| my life--away in a proprietary undocumented format. I've had this happen
| once before (the culprit was Eudora); fool me twice, shame on me. Hear
| a funny sound? That's a camel's back, breaking.]
| [...]
| Will I Switch? · Yes. For Mark's reasons, and because I'm pretty darn
| sure that either Ubuntu or some other distro will eventually get the
| key things right.
| Alternatively, Apple could open-source a few of their apps so we could
| all fix the pain points, and they could start having an actual
| conversation with the world. Nothing less is acceptable.
| As John Gruber points out, neither Mark nor I are exactly typical.
| But you know what? I think that if the GNU/Linux/Solaris community
| can sustain its current level of energy and progress, and if Apple
| maintains its dysfunctional communications culture, there are going to
| be better choices just not for me, but for a lot of other people too.


Linux Install Series Part 1: Why Install Linux on your Mac?

,----[ Quote ]
| That is the question my fellow Mac users. In today's world we take
| what we have for granted but we forget that we have freedom, we have
| choice. And we need to take advantage of this. It is important to
| realize that we are not limited to what is 'given' to us. Thus, Free
| Software gives us the freedom to chose.


Switching From Mac To Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The straw that broke the camel's back was the release of iTunes 7. I
| excitedly downloaded it, reading up on some of the new features. There
| wasn't much of interest for me, but who can resist a major update of a
| killer application? I turned on L7's "Smell The Magic" and began to
| check out the new interface.
| Revolting! The playlist panel was suddenly clunky, chopped into three
| chunks of ugliness. The "new" Coverflow interfaces made me think of
| Windows Media Player. This wasn't iTunes... it was a travesty! To add
| insult to injury, I noticed it had become sluggish, even on a G5.
| [...]
| My first mission was to eliminate Windows XP as quickly as possible. Even
| if my computing world had been turned upside down, Windows hadn't become
| any more appealing. Does anybody actually take XP seriously anymore?
| The interface is about as fun as programming a VCR. A good interface
| along with solid, intuitive design is still one of the most important
| things for an operating system, something Microsoft has never even
| attempted.
| The search for a suitable Linux distribution began. Which distro would
| best suit a Mac user? Besides a rainy day installation several few years
| ago, I had never used Linux. I knew a few Terminal commands that were
| essential for OSX during its growing pains, but I didn't even knowt
| he basics. I was sailing into uncharted waters, but found it quite fun.
| [...]
| And, as a side note, this write-up is pretty critical of Apple. I'm
| definitely not against Apple. OSX is one of the best operating systems
| known to man, I still use my iPod, and they make some damn sexy hardware.
| But I've realized that my devotion to them is more out of habit these
| days, and I would encourage any devotee to examine their true feelings.


Mac Mini becomes Linux-based IP PBX

,----[ Quote ]
| An East German company will soon begin selling an IP-PBX setup based
| on a Mac Mini running Linux. 4S Newcom's iBlue package comes with an
| iPod Shuffle that acts as a boot device for the Mac Mini, plus five
| Linux-based VoIP phones.

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