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[News] Ubuntu Linux Gets Very Fast on Sub-notebooks, Compatibility Level High

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Will Ubuntu 9.04 Be Jauntily Fast?

,----[ Quote ]
| When announcing Ubuntu 9.04, the Jaunty Jackalope, Mark Shuttleworth had 
| hoped to make this next Ubuntu Linux release perform better and to 
| boot "blindingly quick", in particular with Ubuntu beginning to appear on 
| more mobile devices. Well, with Alpha 4 have been released earlier this 
| month, are Canonical developers and the community in the right direction with 
| making Ubuntu 9.04 boot quickly? We have boot-time benchmarks of the latest 
| Ubuntu 9.04 work along with Linux desktop benchmarks comparing it to its 
| predecessor, Ubuntu 8.10.       
| [...]
| Ubuntu 9.04 is not being officially released until April, but already it 
| appears to be in good standing. On the Intel Atom netbook we used for this 
| round of testing, the boot time was shaved by eight seconds, which is quite 
| noticeable.    


Weekend Success - Ubuntu 8.10 on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

,----[ Quote ]
| Once that was done, the rest of the installation and configuration was 
| routine, and Ubuntu 8.10 is now running just fine on the HP 2133. 


There's no comparison between Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows XP, let alone the worse
one that's called "Vista".


Make your Ubuntu distro look like the Mini Mi

,----[ Quote ]
| The HP Mini MI netbook provides one of the slickest available Ubuntu GUIs.
| Hobbyists have now figured out how to install that pretty GUI on non-Mi
| platforms.
| [...]
| If you're a Ubuntu user and are considering giving the theme a spin, make
| sure to check out the entire thread. Installation and use are not as
| clear-cut as you might hope and there is a real risk involved, particularly
| for users who are not experienced with these kinds of mods. You may have to
| do a little clean-up work on Open Office and a few other packages. But as one
| poster writes, " I love this new look!" and you may too.


Review: Dell Inspiron Mini 12

,----[ Quote ]
| The review model provided runs the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. This poses
| an interesting conundrum for many people because, although Linux avoids the
| extra cost of a Windows licence, it can be a daunting prospect for those who
| have never used it before.
| [...]
| Overall, the Mini 12 seems best suited to the type of worker who may move
| around a lot, but usually works in an environment that has access to power,
| for instance a sales executive who visits a lot of client sites, or a manager
| who spends a lot of time at remote or branch offices.


Netbooks are a win for Microsoft? Think again.

,----[ Quote ]
| And given that price is the most important element of the netbook market, the
| moment Microsoft feels they've solidified their market share and being
| raising prices, their share will vaporize.  Linux's existence on netbooks
| will continue to create a loss for them, regardless of how much "market
| share" they have.  And the best part is, as people get used to Linux on the
| netbooks, they'll eventually want it on the desktop as well.  And that's
| something that Microsoft will do anything to avoid.


Microsoft Leaves the Door Wide Open for Linux on Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows 7 Starter Edition will also be made available to OEM's for
| installation on netbooks in all markets. This is presumably so that MS can
| finally end the sales of Windows XP to the netbook makers. I find it
| hilarious that Microsoft will offer such a limited, pathetic product for the
| netbook market. This will be a huge opportunity for the Linux community to
| educate the public about the plethora of free, feature complete Linux
| distributions available to run on their netbooks.


Cheap PCs Weigh on Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| But most netbooks have less processing power than their full-featured cousins
| and can’t run high-spec versions of Windows, the world’s most widely used
| operating system. Microsoft is selling netbook makers cheaper, lighter
| versions of its operating system, but some manufacturers cut it out
| altogether by using Linux, an open-source OS. About 30% of netbooks, which
| sell for as little as $300, run a version of Linux.


Will the netbook cannibalize the traditional PC market?

,----[ Quote ]
| Will netbooks ultimately put the Linux OS on an equal footing with Windows in
| terms of market share? Probably not. Given how consumers view netbooks right
| now -- more as a "mini laptop" than as another category of device in its own
| right-- an ultra mobile device more in line with a mobile Internet device
| (MID) than a PC -- consumers are favoring Windows.
| "As consumers come to view it as less of a PC and more of a tool to access
| the Internet that happens to look like a laptop because of its larger screen
| and keyboard, then they will probably come to accept Linux more readily,"
| Solis said. "In addition, only x86-based processors from Intel and Via (AMD
| had not yet jumped into this game) can support Windows. x86 also support
| Linux. The competing platform base would be ARM -- mostly with Cortex A-8 and
| Cortex A-9 based processors from ARM itself and its licensees. These
| platforms do not support Windows XP or Vista, but they do support full PC
| versions of Linux (that would be optimized for netbooks and MIDs)."

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