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Re: new alleged Firefox virus ..

On 2009-02-16, Chris Ahlstrom <ahlstromc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out
>   this bit o' wisdom:
>> ____/ Doug Mentohl on Monday 16 February 2009 15:40 : \____
>>> and no clue as to how it first gets on to the system ..
>>> http://spillspace.com/2009/new-firefox-virus/
>> "This is an annoying infection...
>> Navigate to: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\, look for a folder
>> that is a string of letters, created around the time you began having the
>> problem.  Something like ?{BCB94CDD-5542-403F-9FB3-07D3DB1E9951}?"
>> Meh.
>> Just a Windows virus.
> Snuh.
>    The better fix:
>    What you will do here is the short fix listed above, plus you will also
>    run several Malware programs, remove all old versions of Java and
>    download the new Java.  If that doesn't cure your problem you may
>    need to run some more serious software. Here are the steps:
>    1. Do the 'short fix' listed above.
>    2. Remove old versions of Java by downloading  JavaRa and unziping
>       it to your desktop.
>    3. Double-click on JavaRa.exe to start the program and Click on
>       Remove Older Versions.
>    4. Download and install the latest version of Java (Most
>       likely the first download you see here).
>    5. Install Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware
>    6. Update them, run them, and delete all bad stuff.
>    7. Shutdown, restart, run them again.
>    8. If you are clean then test for redirects in
>       Google.
>    9. If no redirects: Sing Hallelujah.

There are companies paying people to expose themselves to possible
death or permanent health damage by taking part in experimental
research on new drugs. Windows users take drugs on their own and pay
for the "privilege" of doing similar to their machines and mental
health. (Which explains DuFuS and Quink. The "investigative reporter"
guy was born retarded, no drugs or Windows required.)

You should emulate your heros. But don't carry it too far. Especially
if they are dead.

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