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[News] Free Software and GNU/Linux Open Doors in Asia

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More doors open for graduates

,----[ Quote ]
| The demand for open-source software in the ­country and the expertise 
| required in this area is rising, according to the Multimedia Development Corp 
| (MDeC) which spearheads the MSC Malaysia initiative.  
| Open-source software, said networking systems giant Sun Microsystems, is 
| gaining popularity mainly because the advantages of user malleable programs 
| are becoming more apparent.  
| Since the source code is ­accessible to users, a company could tweak 
| open-source software to better meet its needs, compared to proprietary 
| software which arguably has to be used as is.  


Local IT firm strengthens expertise in open systems enterprise solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| Uy, also the founder of Touch Group of Companies, is regarded as one of the 
| leaders in open systems services in the Philippinese. He has introduced the 
| use of enterprise grade Linux and other open source software to the country’s 
| top companies as well as small and medium enterprises.   


Days ago:

Open source desktop adoption flickers in the Philippines

,----[ Quote ]
| The number of open source desktop users in the Philippines--estimated at 5 to
| 10 percent of PC owners--is growing, but the adoption rate is somehow stunted
| by the lack of government sanction advocating its use.
| [...]
| It has also been reported that the Philippines has become the largest
| destination of CD installers for Ubuntu, probably the most prominent Linux
| distribution for desktops. Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu creator
| Canonical, even visited the country to brief local folks on the desktop OS.

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