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[News] Software Magazine Celebrates GNU

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GNU is Not Unix, but it is 25

,----[ Quote ]
| In the earliest days of computers, just about everything could be considered 
| free software. Computers were so large, unwieldy and difficult to understand 
| that any reasonably well-written program would be passed around via punch 
| cards or paper tape. Into that free software world Richard Stallman was born.   
| [...]
| “I spent a couple of years punishing Symbolics by attacking it and giving an 
| ultimatum to the people at the AI lab," he said. "I didn't want to spend the  
| rest of my life punishing somebody. I wanted to rebuild what was destroyed. I 
| wanted to be able to use computers while having freedom. This is impossible 
| if you have a proprietary program.”   



Richard Stallman looks back at 25 years of the GNU project

,----[ Quote ]
| On September 27, 1983, Richard M. Stallman announced his intention to found
| the GNU project in order to build a free operating system. Now, 25 years
| later, the Free Software Foundation is marking the anniversary of the
| announcement with a month-long celebration. Looking back at the last quarter
| century, Stallman expresses some guarded satisfaction with the growth of the
| free software movement, but also some bemusement about how it has grown more
| complex as it has faced new challenges from within and without, and an
| awareness of how far it still has to go to reach its goals.

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