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[News] [Rival] Op Ed: Microsoft Should be Sued for Windows-imposed Deaths

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Editor's Note: Linux and FOSS are Good, and Windows is Sucky, and the World is

,----[ Quote ]
| So why isn't Microsoft being sued into oblivion? Businesses sue each other 
| all the time for stupid stuff. Is it against the Secret Code of the Suit to 
| engage in litigation on meaningful issues? I don't get it. Manufacturers get 
| in trouble with government regulatory agencies all the time for unsafe 
| products, and even when customers misuse their products and get hurt. I would 
| say that using Windows at all is a classic case of misuse, because it is 
| impossible to use it safely.      
| Why aren't news media treating this like the scandal that is? They get all 
| foamy over some Congresscritter using public funds to buy him or herself some 
| expensive goodies, which for an especially talented spendthrift is a few tens 
| of thousands of dollars. That is nothing compared to the tens of billions of 
| damage caused by Redmondware every year, and I can't put a price tag on not 
| being able to fly the fighter jets when they're needed. Is Microsoft more 
| powerful and fearsome than Congresspeople?       


Conficker affected me... though I don't use Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| I hadn't thought about it for a while, but given the recent Conficker 
| outbreak, I got to rethink of the whole thing again. Now.... there was 
| something that bothered me A LOT.... and it still does (though I'm not 
| working with them anymore, I still feel like I'm a part of the family). They 
| are still developing applications in-house using proprietary frameworks tied 
| to Windows. And here is why it bothers me: They have invested and continue to 
| invest time (hence money.. public money, should I add) on getting themselves 
| tied to one proprietary platform. Every line of code that they add up to 
| their already enormous code stack is another line of code that ties them even 
| tighter to Windows. And that's sad. What's done is done.. there's not much 
| they can do about the code they have already written... but they could be 
| changing the languages they use to develop their applications that could 
| allow them to move to another platform if they so wished later on (doing it 
| gradually). When I was about to leave, the head of development quit his job 
| as well... and that would have been (probably) the best moment to make a push 
| for multiplatform languages, but unfortunately I was quiting as well so there 
| was no change in development frameworks.                
| It hurts me to see one organization that I care so much about tied to that 
| security hole disguised as an operating system that's Windows. And even more 
| that they still don't take the necessary measures to try to get out of that 
| platform, even if it's one small step at a time. Conficker just reopened that 
| small wound I carry with me.    



Experts are calling for product liability for software

,----[ Quote ]
| "Product liability does not apply to software," Gerald Spindler
| of the Faculty of Law of the University of Göttingen complained.
| "But what if a whole company comes to a standstill due to faulty
| software?" he mused.


Microsoft confirms OneCare zaps Outlook, Outlook Express e-mail

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp. has acknowledged that a bug in its Windows Live
| OneCare security suite has been causing users' e-mail to vanish
| from Outlook and Outlook Express.


Software security needs more scrutiny: NAB

,----[ Quote ]
| Since establishing a technology risk and security team more than two years 
| ago, the National Australia Bank (NAB) has delivered a scathing report on the 
| insecurity of enterprise software, including that provided by information 
| security vendors themselves.   

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