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[News] Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 is Out

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Debian Lenny: A Linux Valentine Release

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux lovers rejoice -- you'll also be getting a present this Valentine's Day 
| in the form of the Debian Lenny release. 
| Lenny, named after a character in the Disney/Pixar film "Toy Story," marks 
| the first major Debian release since Etch in April 2007. 
| It's an important milestone for the distro, which is the basis of the popular 
| Ubuntu Linux distribution and competes in the broader Linux ecosystem against 
| Red Hat and Novell SUSE, among others. In 2008, Debian celebrated its 15th 
| anniversary as it continues to remain a relevant community-based Linux 
| distribution.     



Debian Lenny, coming Real Soon Now!

,----[ Quote ]
| With the release of 'Lenny' - the latest stable branch of Debian GNU/Linux -
| on Saturday (yes, that's Valentine's day - don't forget!), Tom Callway speaks
| to the head of the Debian project, Steve MacIntyre.
| Why is the imminent release of Lenny a good thing for the Debian community?
| It's the focus of lots of the work we've been doing for the last two years or
| so, with many new and updated versions of everybody's favourite packages.
| We've translated more of our packages into more languages, and (as ever!)
| there are more packages available. That means we can cover more people's
| needs, from home laptop or desktop system through to universities running
| massive scientific clusters and businesses depending on a very solid platform
| for their servers.
| Many members of our community are happy to run from our testing and unstable
| branches, but the stable releases are very important to the rest where they
| trust us to just make things work and keep them working.


A touch of sadness as Lenny emerges

,----[ Quote ]
| Debian project leader (DPL) Steve Mcintyre said: "We will be dedicating the
| Lenny release to our long-term contributor and friend Thiemo Seufer, who was
| tragically killed in a car accident in Germany on December 26 last year.
| "He was responsible for much of the work on the Debian MIPS ports and was
| always happy to help, sharing his technical excellence and good humour with
| many of us over the years. Thiemo's tireless efforts in Debian and many other
| projects will be sorely missed."



,----[ Quote ]
|   Message-ID:   <jngne4-fv3.ln1@xxxxxxxxxx>
|   From:        "[H]omer" <spam@xxxxxxx>
|   Newsgroups:   comp.os.linux.advocacy
|   Subject:      Re: Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (etch) released
|   Date:         Sun, 08 Apr 2007 17:09:54 +0100
| > http://www.debian.org/News/2007/20070408
| Here's some interesting comparisons between Debian Etch and Vista:
| Project Life-cycle:
|  . Debian - 1.75 years (Etch)
|  . Vista  - 5.50 years
| Supported Architectures:
|  . Debian - Sparc, Alpha, PowerPC, i386, ia64, PA-RISC, MIPS, ARM, IBM
|             S/390, AMD64 and Intel EM64T. (Older custom versions for the
|             Motorola MC68K series)
|  . Vista  - Technically ... none, since it doesn't really work.
| Available Desktop Environments / Window Managers:
|  . Debian - 3D-Desktop, 4dwm, 5Dwm, 9wm, aewm, AfterStep, amiwm,
|             Blackbox, Compiz/Beryl, CTWM, dwm, EDE (Equinox),
|             Enlightenment, EvilPoison, evilwm, Fluxbox, foXdesktop,
|             FVWM, FVWM95, FVWM-Crystal, Gnome, hackedbox, HaZe, IceWM,
|             Ion, JD4X (Java Desktop), JWM, Kahakai, KDE, KWin, Larswm,
|             Luminocity, LWM, Matchbox, Metacity, Metisse, MWM (Motif),
|             OLWM/OLVWM, Openbox, Orion, Oroborus, PekWM, PLWM, PWM,
|             Qvwm, ratpoison, ROX, Sawfish, Scwm, Stumpwm, swm, The GREAT
|             Desktop, TrsWM, twm, UDE, uwm, Waimea, WindowLab, Window
|             Maker, wm2, WMI, wmii, XD640, XFCE, Xfwm, XPde, XPwm, XWEM
| . Vista   - Aero
| Price:
|  . Debian -   £0.00
|  . Vista  - £187.48 (Home Premium - a.k.a. The "real" version) [Amazon]
| License:
|  . Debian - Mainly GPL/LGPL. Full sources available at no cost.
|  . Vista  - Proprietary. SDKs only. (Limited Sources available to select
|             partners and government agencies).
| Role/Deployment:
|  . Debian - Server, Desktop, Media Centre, Office, Cluster /
|             Supercomputing, Any Purpose.
|  . Vista  - Experimental Desktop, Toy, Practical Joke.
| Summary:
|  . Debian - "Support for Debian is among the most complete you can find
|              in the open source world. Debian is traditionally a
|              distribution of developers that connect with each other and
|              with users via email or IRC. Developers respond to bug
|              reports promptly. Several mailing lists in all supported
|              languages have high traffic and people that like to help.
|              If you're in a hurry, you can join the #debian IRC channel
|              on the freenode network. You can even pay for support if
|              you want to; debian.org has a list of companies that will
|              take your money and answer your questions.
|              Debian is the most truly community-driven distribution,
|              proud of its GNU name. It supports lots of platforms, and
|              its software quality assurance is excellent. Security flaws
|              are fixed in the Etch repositories quickly. With mirrors
|              all around the world, installation of new packages is
|              quick. Even if any single Linux company disappears, Debian
|              will remain intact -- as my desktop OS."
|               - http://tinyurl.com/yqg3cq (newsforge.com)
|  . Vista  -  "I found [Vista] to be a dangerously unstable operating
|               system, which has caused me to lose data ... unfortunately
|               this product is unfit for any user.
|                - http://tinyurl.com/3bpfs2 (hardocp.com)
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