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Re: [News] Rave About Mint Linux, PCLinuxOS 2009 Coming Up

After takin' a swig o' grog, Don Zeigler belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> Hadron wrote:
>> So why do suckups like Marti and Liarnut tell us things like "Gnome
>> really rocks on Distro B" but when asked what rocks more on B than on
>> Distro A they scurry away?

Huh?  I use fluxbox.

And I'm record as saying that all distros are fundamentally the same, and
that if something's missing from the one distro you really like, then
simply install that missing package -- from source if you must.

Why does Hadron have to put down honest posters by lying about what they

> And why do you assholes have to hijack another thread? You bitch about how
> there are no good Linux discussions here, but when someone tries to have one,
> you guys jump right in and start trolling.

Simple.  Hadron is an anti Linux advocate.  Hadron in no way advocates Linux.

In fact, it's a good bet he uses Linux only enough to make a (lame) attempt
at credibility innoculation.  Otherwise, how to explain his many errors?

Oooops.  Now I've gone and "rankled" Hadron.   Poor baby!

> You and Snit should elope. No doubt his wife is fed up with his sorry ass
> by now.

Hadron admires Snit's trolling tactics.

If you cannot in the long run tell everyone what you have been doing,
your doing was worthless.
		-- Edwim Schrodinger

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