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[News] Distribution of Mandrake Founder Solicits Testers

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Looking for 50 Windows & Linux applications Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop beta

,----[ Quote ]
| We hope that you are all doing ok in these difficult times. Maybe Ulteo can 
| help you in some ways to achieve your professional goals. 
| On our side we have been busy developing the Ulteo Open Virtual desktop beta 
| for Windows applications or a mix Windows and Linux applications in the same 
| desktop or from a web page. We are now looking for just 50 private beta users 
| who commit to try and test it and send us feedback between Feb. 26 and March 
| 7. 2009.    



Ulteo unveils the first Open Source virtual desktop, providing businesses with
quicker, cheaper deployment and easier applications management

,----[ Quote ]
| Following its commitment to desktop virtualization solutions, Ulteo, an Open
| Virtual Desktop Infrastructure company, announced today that they were
| releasing the first installable version of their Open Virtual Desktop
| solution for enterprises. Delivering faster deployment times and ease of
| management for the IT department, this first release can be integrated easily
| into an existing professional Linux or Windows IT environment. The solution
| can be up and running in a few minutes, delivering rich desktop applications
| to corporate users.


Running a GNU/Linux desktop on the web with Ulteo

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteo is a brave, innovative, useful and interesting concept. It may be
| unique in terms of the feature mix but it is possible to put together
| individual packages to mimic them. For the power user who is familiar with
| protocols and the command line this is meat and drink but for the average
| user Ulteo packages them altogether in one easy GUI via a web browser. There
| is of course always a danger that in striving to be a jack of all trades you
| end up being the master of none but I think that Ulteo has done enough, even
| at this relatively early stage, to merit inclusion in every user’s toolkit. I
| will certainly be watching it with interest for future developments.


Ulteo Virtual Desktop: Letting Linux Do Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| While Test Center reviewers with Linux knowledge didn't really see the
| usefulness of the application, others with limited familiarity were wowed by
| it. The biggest value of the Ulteo Virtual Desktop is in letting newcomers to
| Linux get acquainted with it in a comfortable, Windows environment. All of
| the included applications are integrated seamlessly, with easy access to the
| Desktop and My Documents folders, as well as network connectivity. Similar to
| the KDE layout, the Ulteo Virtual Desktop's interface is easy to navigate and
| the included array of graphics viewers and editors, multimedia players,
| office-based programs, and utilities are intuitive to those unfamiliar with
| them. Mozilla's FireFox Web browser and ThunderBird mail client are the
| default, as is the Kopete IM client.
| Considering that this is not even a version 1 beta, we have high hopes for
| Ulteo Virtual Desktop. It allows Linux novices to dip their toes into the
| water without any fear, and lets Linux pros use their favorite applications
| when they are forced to be in a Windows environment.


Run Native Linux Applications in Windows Vista - Via Ulteo Virtual Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Binaries tailored specifically to the open source Linux operating system can
| coexist on the same desktop with Windows Vista and Windows XP programs via
| Ulteo Virtual Desktop. Essentially, the
| promise of the Ulteo Virtual Desktop is to deliver Linux applications on
| Windows via the Ulteo panel. The virtualized environment will permit end
| users to run native Linux solutions right on the Windows Vista desktop, and
| integration complete down to the level of sharing the Windows Aero graphical
| user interface.


Flipping the Linux switch: Switching, literally, with Ulteo Virtual Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Like andLinux, Ulteo's Virtual Desktop (often referred to with the rather
| misfortunate name UlteoVD) runs off a coLinux base. There is no
| virtualization software involved. But we'd especially recommend UlteoVD for
| those pondering whether a Linux switch could work for them, for a number of
| reasons.We'd recommend UlteoVD first to people who are currently using or
| could see themselves using their previous services. Ulteo started by offering
| OpenOffice.org in a browser, coupled with syncing services. Nice, for sure.
| They then offered an installable Ulteo disk, which felt a lot like Ubuntu in
| many ways, with the noticeable difference of automatic updates (as in, no
| user interaction) and syncing with the browser based services.


Ulteo — My digital life made simple

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, after two years, there is a successive release of the Ulteo
| distribution. The purpose of the Beta1 Ulteo Application System is to feature
| what it can develop into in the nearest future, especially considering the
| Ulteo Online Desktop.        


Ulteo Application System Beta 1 - the FOSSwire review

,----[ Quote ]
| Ulteo is no ordinary Linux distribution. It demonstrates incredible
| innovation.
| It is clear that in the future, we won’t use computers anything like we do
| now. More and more data will be moved away from specific client devices, like
| the PC, and be put on a server somewhere. It will be networks and
| infrastructure that then connect each client device to the data.  
| Wherever you are, whatever device you’re using, you’ll be able to access your
| data and keep it fully synchronised with everything else.
| Ulteo doesn’t do all this yet, it’s not even close. But Ulteo takes an
| important step towards this goal, and demonstrates how this might be
| possible, perhaps giving a little window into what could happen in the
| future.  
| It is an extremely promising proof of concept that this just might be able to
| work and I will continue to follow the Ulteo project with keen interest.

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