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Re: Angry shareholders say Microsoft squanders billions on pointless R&D projects

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Thursday 12 February 2009 16:01 : \____

> Ballmer and Bill Gates to fraudster Bernard Madoff.

...Getting warmer.

“Many believe that the stock market crash of 1929 caused the Great Depression
yet history clearly shows that it was instead simply bad government policy
that was manipulated by leaders such as Insull. Today many now fear a similar
stock market crash but in reality the economy is very strong and, if we can
reform this pyramid at Microsoft, the overall market should not need to
correct more than 20 percent.


“Microsoft’s perspective is best reflected by Bob Herbold, Chief Operating
Officer, to whom the CFO reports. Bob very sincerely replied, “Bill, everyone
is doing it.” My response was that Microsoft is a leader and that others are
now seeking to emulate these fraudulent practices they have legitimized.
Naturally Bob was not pleased by this perspective and that was our final
conversation. A second informal response came when Microsoft asked PR Newswire
to stop issuing my press releases.

“Microsoft is PR Newswire’s largest client.” 


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