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Re: Time To Expose Roy Schestowitz The Dishonest "Journalist" Erik Funkenbush Was Correct.

Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
> Doctor Smith (Gary Stewart AKA Flatfish) wrote:
>> For those that don't know, Roy Schestowitz posted what he
>> considers a coup dÿétat message "exposing" the so called
>> Gary Stewart troll.
>> What he doesn't know, is that he was set up



    * Nym shifting (see below)
    * Self confessed thief and proud of it
    * Homophobic
    * Racist
    * Habitual liar
    * Frequently cross posts replies to other non-Linux related
    * Frequently cross posts articles originally not posted to COLA

>> and like Erik Funkenbush stated



    * Microsoft apologist with no peer
    * Spreads FUD about Linux, OSS & GPL (did the same when OS/2
was a threat to Microsoft)
    * Habitual liar
    * When caught lying runs away
    * Will resort to unethical means to denigrate Linux advocates
- always fails
    * Funkenbusch is utterly devoid of ethical values
    * Known to cross post to other Linux newsgroups in a futile
attempt at causing more disruption
    * Obsessed with Roy Schestowitz
    * Racist (see below regarding 419 scams)

>> this one is the grand daddy of them all.


>> Funny, it was obvious to me.


>> It should have also been to anyone here in COLA,

Lack of Gary's creditability, yes, obvious.

>> and certainly Roy "Eternal PhD Candidate" Schestowitz.

Adds ad hominem.

>> It was just written way too "biographically", it had all the
>>  earmarks of fiction.

No, rather it had a ring of truth about someone who has
prolifically trolled COLA, in order to disrupt Linux advocacy.

> Not so coincidentally,


> that's why it's so easy to spot the fabrications


> from people like Roy, Rex, Rasker,

Attacks Linux advocates who expose Erik's FUD.

> High Plains Hypocrite, etc...

Adds ad hominem.

> The "creative writing" sections of the brain work differently
> than the "fact retelling" portions, and it's evidenced by the
> writing style.


> When someone wants to believe what is written, they
> conveniently ignore those tell-tales.


> And when they don't want to believe, they can spot them
> easily, which is why they have no trouble identifying your
> various sock puppets but can't seem to see the fictions coming
> from their own party.

Further obfuscation.

> The fact is, Roy is not a "journalist", he's a gossip.

Another wives tale.


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