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[News] Office Suites in GNU/Linux Are Diverse

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5 Must-have Linux office applications

,----[ Quote ]
| If you work in a business environment then you know the value of the office 
| application. And if you have ever thought about using Linux in your office 
| you know there are boundaries to adoption. The good thing is those boundaries 
| are growing smaller and smaller with every year. The reason those boundaries 
| are shrinking isn’t dictated by an ever-improving kernel. Nope. The 
| acceptance of Linux in the office is directly proportional to the amount of 
| outstanding office applications available.      
| But how many people can actually rattle off the names of five linux-based 
| office applications? I would venture to say not many. And that’s where I come 
| in. In this article I will list five must-have office applications that will 
| allow you to introduce Linux into your office. Naturally this list won’t be 
| perfect for everyone. There will always be those with proprietary needs that 
| are simply not met by Linux. But for those who needs are more standard, this 
| list is just for you.      


Installing OpenOffice 3 in *buntu



10 free Linux alternatives to OpenOffice.org

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenOffice.org has a reputation for being the premiere office suit for the
| Linux platform. Maybe so but these days, it’s not exactly a lean slab of
| software anymore, particularly if you just want to try a component and don’t
| actually want the whole box and dice. Netbooks are one device category that
| comes to mind, for sure.
| But what are the alternatives? The reality is, for better or worse, the world
| is still dominated by Microsoft’s Office so any alternatives must have at
| least .doc (Word) and .xls (Excel) support. You could argue that beyond that,
| support for anything else is a bonus. Even if you don’t want or need MS
| support, there are days when a quick message doesn’t require a complete
| office suite to unleash itself onto your unsuspecting PC.

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