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[News] Fresh Attack on the Web in the UK (Whorm)

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BT Will ‘Definitely’ Go Live With Phorm This Year, Phorm Says

,----[ Quote ]
| After BT (NYSE: BT) concluded its much-delayed trial of Phorm‘s controversial 
| ISP-based behavioural ad targeting technology in December, the advertising 
| company is trying to keep those precious few positive moments up in the 
| spotlight.   
| [...]
| Despite European Commission concern, the UK government ruled Phorm legal in 
| September, though some privacy advocates keep pointing to Phorm’s previous  
| incarnation, 121media, as a maker of software classed as spyware. BT, if it 
| goes ahead, will launch the product as BT Webwise.  


Wacky Jacqui Smith says whole country crusading against CCTV

,----[ Quote ]
| Home Secretary Wacky Jacqui Smith has conceded that there is zero support for 
| CCTV cameras in UK communities. In a shock letter to the Guardian, she claims 
| massed phalanxes of irate burghers are poised to join a Tory march on 
| Whitehall to overthrow the hated devices.   



Digital Britain: A tax, a quango and ISP snooping

,----[ Quote ]
| Did anyone expect more from Stephen Carter CBE? The former Ofcom boss and
| No.10 strategy chief (sic) has spent his career moving between the world of
| advertising and public relations, quangos and party. So it's no surprise that
| the "vision thing" involves a tax, a quango and a burden by private parties
| to snoop on the public. It's an administrator's answer.


More execs quit Phorm

,----[ Quote ]
| When half of Phorm's board quit earlier this month, it was spun as a strategy
| disagreement between the US and UK operations. But now the firm's
| London-based UK chief executive has quit too, along with its chief
| beancounter.


Bad Phorm: UK Police give green light to Internet spying

,----[ Quote ]
| The email is quoted by El Reg and states that "it has been decided that no
| Criminal Offence has been committed" and there was a "lack of Criminal Intent
| on behalf of BT and Phorm Inc in relation to the tests."
| The best bit, though, is the revelation that BT customers would have given
| implied consent to being spied upon without their knowledge because the aim
| of the tests was to enhance product quality.


Police close file on BT's trials

,----[ Quote ]
| The City of London Police have said there will be no formal investigation of
| BT over its secret trials of an ad monitoring system.


Phorm secretly tracked Americans too

,----[ Quote ]
| of British Telecom customers as part of its grand scheme to target online ads
| from inside the world's ISPs, it was "operating a number of public commercial
| services" on various stateside networks.


Spy fear over e-mail check plan

,----[ Quote ]
| Plans to give local councils and other public bodies the power to monitor
| e-mail and internet traffic have been branded a "snoopers' charter".
| The government wants to make it mandatory for phone and internet companies to
| store all information on personal web use for 12 months.


Bad Phorm: EU demands UK Government response on intrusive web ad tracking

,----[ Quote ]
| Controversial behavioral advertising targeting outfit Phorm, whose Webwise ad
| technology monitors user browsing habits to serve appropriate advertising
| messages, might have dragged the UK Government into a slugfest with the
| European Union over a possible breach of strict Euro data laws...


Controversial Ad Network Caught Editing Wikipedia

,----[ Quote ]
| Phorm has been beset by controversy for years over its business model and
| quietly-run trials on British Telecom's (BT) broadband service.

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