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[News] Google CEO Advices Tories on Technology

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Eric Schmidt To Advise Britain's Conservative Party

,----[ Quote ]
| Eric Schmidt's support of Barack Obama made a lot of people rather upset.  A 
| new move on Schmidt's part may placate them, though, as the CEO of Google has 
| agreed to work closely with Britain's Conservative Party.   



Open source question for school

,----[ Quote ]
| Andrew Miller asks whether open source software can help schools use their
| budgets more efficiently
| Looking around the British Education Training and Technology show, BETT 2009,
| it was clear by the sheer size of the event, that an awful lot of money is
| being spent on technology in education.
| With Open Source Software (OSS) freely available, covering almost every
| requirement in the national curriculum, a question has to be asked why
| schools do not back it more fully, possibly saving millions of pounds.


UK Schools forced to go open source

,----[ Quote ]
| I think we can take it as read that there is a shortage of money as credit
| withdrawal directly impacts on the major school refurbishment programs and
| the BSF (Building Schools for the Future) programs. All of the Goverment's
| schemes in this sector are joint Public and Private ventures and the private
| sector is squeezed dry by the lack of Bank lending.
| [...]
| ..Go for the big company for safety? I think not, see point 1 above; being
| bigger now simply means falling faster due to poor debt-to-equity ratios*.
| Who would have thought Microsoft would be laying off 5000 staff as anounced
| this week and are unable to forecast future profits?


Open Source Schools: Introduction

,----[ Quote ]
| The Schools Open Source Project is an initiative to help schools with
| awareness, adoption, deployment, use and ongoing development of Open Source
| Software (OSS). A number of schools are already realising the benefits of OSS
| within their ICT strategy. This project will work to share their experiences
| along with good OSS practice from other sectors with the wider community of
| educational practitioners, including teachers, decision makers and IT
| specialists.


Linux triumphs in UK schools as hell freezes over

,----[ Quote ]
| This post comes hard on the heels of an important piece of news... at least
| two Open Source companies have become part of the Becta's official list of
| suppliers to the education sector. The new procurement frame work under the
| aegis of the OGC relaunches the supply of ICT to education. The emphasis is
| clear: deliver value for money to UK schools.
| It was not long ago that most commentators believed an Open Source company
| would join the likes of Capita, Serco and RM shortly after hell froze over.
| But times do change. In this case the driving force for change seems to be
| (we presume) the well-known cost-benefit values of Linux and other Open
| Source software.


Becta green lights open source software in schools, at last

,----[ Quote ]
| The Sirius Corporation revealed yesterday that it was among 12 software
| suppliers to have been awarded places on the £80m Software for Educational
| Institutions Framework (SEIF) agreement.

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