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[News] Latest MAFIAA Insanity and Law-twisting

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Hollywood Takes Another Crack At Getting Permission To Break Your DVR

,----[ Quote ]
| The movie studios and the MPAA have been pushing hard over the last year to 
| get the FCC to let them use "selectable output control" to basically block 
| DVRs from recording certain broadcasts of movies. Their somewhat creative 
| (but totally ridiculous) argument is that this would allow more consumer 
| choice. Now, you might ask how limiting what consumers can do with products 
| they already purchased can possibly allow more consumer choice, but this is 
| where the MPAA tries to play a bit of a jedi mind trick. It claims that if 
| it's allowed to block recording of movies, then it would add another window 
| to its windowed release program of movies (i.e., theater -> special locations 
| (airplanes/hotels) -> DVD -> cable TV -> network TV). If they can break your 
| DVR, they claim that they'll also release it to TV before it's even out on 
| DVD.           


Congressman Buys Recording Industry Argument That Radio Is Piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| For pretty much the entire history of radio, everyone has known that getting 
| your songs played on the radio was promotional. It helps sell albums. It 
| helps sell concert tickets. There is no better way to prove this than to just 
| look at the history of "payola" whereby record labels would pay radio 
| stations to get their music heard. Obviously, the recording industry put 
| tremendous value into being on the radio and was willing to pay for the 
| privilege (even if it was illegal).      



RIAA Sued For Racketeering Yet Again

,----[ Quote ]
| A few people have filed lawsuits against the RIAA for racketeering in the
| past, though these charges have always been dismissed. In one such case,
| where the filed charges were dismissed over the summer, new claims were filed
| again charging the RIAA with racketeering for extortion, mail fraud and wire
| fraud in its ongoing efforts involving weakly supported threats against
| alleged file sharers demanding money to avoid being sued.


RIAA and BSA's Favorite Lawyers Taking Top Department of Justice Posts

,----[ Quote ]
| RIAA-fan Biden's influence in the Obama administration may be larger than
| anticipated, at least when it comes to file sharing: His good pals with RIAA
| and BSA connections keep getting Department of Justice's seats.
| According to CNET, "President Obama is continuing to fill the senior ranks of
| the U.S. Department of Justice with the copyright industry's favorite
| lawyers" with the selection of Donald Verrilli, from the Verrilli Family, el
| Señor Presidente's latest acquisition.

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