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Re: livecd-create Bootable Fedora LiveCD Failed in Fedora 10

Verily I say unto thee, that Dinooz spake thusly:

> If somebody have some ideas will be really appreciated...

1. Why don't you just use Revisor?
2. Why are you using the rawhide repo?
3. Why are you posting this to an *advocacy* group?

BTW: The kickstart you're using won't give you a "minimal" install,
unless you specify the "-nobase" option, i.e. "%packages -nobase".

Note also that listing the group "@core" *and* policycoreutils is
redundant, since policycoreutils is already part of that group, as is
bash, authconfig, passwd, and rootfiles. In fact the only packages
listed, that are not /already/ included by specifying "@core", are
"kernel" and "checkconfig", so you could reduce that kickstart to just:


Although I think you'll want "yum" as well, if you actually want to be
able to later install anything beyond a minimal system, or update
anything (yum will pull in rpm as a dep).



Until you actually understand what you're doing, you should probably
stick to the /easy/ tools, designed for novices.

Meanwhile, I'm sure someone on the Fedora Live-CD mailing list, where
you posted this exact same message, will answer your technical help
questions, provided you explain what this mysterious error message is
when you run livecd-creator without lokkit in the kickstart.


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|  Pitt the Younger

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